Hey Mr. Mailman

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Yesterday, I received some delicious treats in the mail.

Pure2Raw flatbreads! And samples of new breads and cracker flavors!

I ordered two, yes two, orders of their Swiss Chard Black Sesame Seed Flatbread and one order of the Purple Kale Chia Flatbread. Oh, my. These flatbreads are good.

The samples I happily received included a Raw Collard Onion Cracker, Raw Pumpkin Kale Cracker, Raw Herb Cracker, and a Raw Cheez Flatbread. I opened my package of goodies, took one look at those samples, and immediately tried some. What can I say? I’m a glutton.

One of the best parts about my order…

I received a Pure2Raw recipe too! Oh my! Cashew Pepper Spread. Yuuuuuuuuuuuum.

If you’re in the mood to try something new, but definitely tasty, head on over and get yourself some Pure2Raw, Raw, Alkaline, Vegan, and Gluten-free breads, crackers, sweet snack bites. And while you’re there, take advantage of their Valentine’s Day Special  of limited addition, discounted, White Chocolate Snow Caps Brownie Bites, Peppermint Goji Berry Cocao Kremes, Heart Shaped Chocolate Cookies, and more. Those girls, twins, Michelle and Lori, one with the coolest name around, are definitely innovators! Good job, girls!

And what else did I get from Mr. Mailman…?

Well, nothing. But tomorrow I will be getting another package. This one is from Nordstrom. Yeah, not food. But it is a packaged filled with yoga pants, cropped workout pants, and a new wallet (don’t tell my boyfriend!). I decided to gift myself some new workout clothes since I’ve been working my butt off, hopefully literally, in my morning Mixed Martial Arts classes. Best. Workout. Ever. I’ve said it before, but really, it’s hard core endurance training, mixed with cardio and strength. No where else have I been challenged to do these kinds of workouts:

Holding Push-ups
Plank position–> go down at three counts to push-up position–> hold push-up position for three counts–> up to plank in three counts–> repeat 15 times
At this point, we have already been working hard at kicks, punches, jumping jacks, 2 minute jump ropping, etc., for about 40 minutes. THEN, Ms. Instructor, (aka, Coolest Woman Ever, hi Lucia!!) tells us to stay in the plank position. “We’re going for ten second downs, holds, and ups!” My God, woman!
*Note, these are all regular push-ups… until you absolutely need to go to your knees…

Not me, obviously, but she is buff!

It was grand. It is always grand. Pure sweat. At the end of these types of workouts, where you’re pushed harder than ever, you know you’re going to have results. And trust me, results are happening! (more on that later)

Toast! *raises glass of champagne cup of Teeccino Herbal Coffee* To one day closer to Friday!

See ya later!

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