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Hi Readers! And a very special, Hi Mom!

Hope you all enjoyed all the recipes from yesterday! I’m actually snacking on the rawnola as I type!

Last night I played around with some kitchen utensils, a mini food processor, and lots of vegan ingredients. The outcome, Almost Raw, Vegan Chocolate “Kiss” Cookies (I love playing in the kitchen…). The base of these bad boys taste like chocolate chip cookie dough (without the choco chips) and the big chocolate blob “Kiss” in the middle is, well, raw chocolate.

The cookie part was made with ground rolled oats, sprouted millet and quinoa (superfoods and lots of protein!), millet flour (Bob’s Red Mill), melted virgin coconut oil, agave, maca, vanilla, and salt. Combine, taste, adjust, making into cookie shapes.
The “Kiss” blog of chocolaty goodness included melted virgin coconut oil, dash of agave, and equal parts of raw cacao powder and carob powder, all melted and stirred together.

And these, I must say are very good! And, this leads me to why I gave the Run Lori Mom a shout-out…
These are being sent to you, Mom (and Dad)! Included with these sweet little cookies are some vitamins, Vanilla Stevia, and a few extra goodies, as you requested. Love ya Mom and Dad!

Now that I’ve taken care of my parents, onto my workout.

Honestly, I’m addicted to the MMA workouts I’ve been doing. I feel stronger, already, and it’s only been a week! These are definitely endurance and strength workouts.
Today, true MMA Cardio Kickboxing, we worked until failure at all the sets. It was crazy hard but completely amazing. The classes are brand new so today there was only myself, another guy, and the instructor. These are the best classes because it’s like having a private session. This guy, my partner for the class, has been doing MMA for years… so, that means I got to “block” his kicks, punches, and knee kicks- which I almost fell over doing- that provided me with a bonus workout. It’s all core holding the pads for the other person to attack. Oooooh, it was great. My abs, arms, body, are already sore.
Included in today’s class:
Jumping jacks
Jump rope
Jabs and punches (with and without punching bags)
Kicks (kicking pads)
Speed kicks (same as above but FAST)
Knees (kneeing pads)
80 sit-ups followed by 20 with medicine ball
Plank on forearms
Full plank, alternating knee-ins
Push-up to punches (push-up then punch target with right arm, push-up, repeat punch with left arm)
Mountain climbers
And other torture moves that I have blocked from my mind

Ooooh, it burns so good.

Oh, and Happy Groundhog’s Day!
I guess the groundhog saw his/her shadow. Another six weeks of winter is in the forecast.

Yum. These are to make your day sunny… even if it’s only temporarily.

*I have a question for all readers. What are you afraid of? What makes you nervous? This is a completely open question. It could be anything, maybe even something you are not yet aware of.
For me, I’m afraid of the future… the future of what I “am going to be when I grow up…”
I am still searching for the perfect career or job. I almost feel as though there are too many options out there for me to pick one thing to do for the rest of my life. I do have a college degree but am in limbo trying to decide if I should go back to school for a specialty or to just keep searching the job field. Life is tough sometimes.

Anyway, have a great day! And I’m leaving you with a sunny picture of the family. Ah, summertime.

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