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Ah the gym. A place were miracles happen and lives are changed. Well, maybe not miracles, but I do love the gym. And well, maybe not the gym so much as a good hard workout. A job well done. I am addicted to those little endorphins that are pump through my veins after a battle with an intense workout. I think it’s those little endorphins that keep me coming back for more. They call to me.

This morning, my endorphin friends told me to push myself. Actually, it wasn’t my endorphins, it was my boot camp instructor. Being that I was the only person that showed up for the 6 am MMA Boot Camp class this morning, Sean (hi Sean!) put me to work. The warm up was as follows, all done sequentially:

2 minutes jumping jacks
2 minutes mountain climbers
1 minute four-count push-ups
2 minutes jump rope

Then onto the workout. Today was kettle bell swings with a squat, kettle bell figure-8 between the legs, kettle bell obliques, weighted plank walk, more jump rope, weighted sit-ups, weighted push-up to side hold, more mountain climbers, and a few other things that I probably erased from my mind. But really, amazing workout. At the end of the hour, my shoulders were toasted and my legs were shaking. Awesome feeling.

Boot Camp Motivation of the Day:

“Somebody is always training harder, make that somebody you!”

When you are pushing yourself as hard as you can, trying to bust out just one more minute of mountain climbers, and you feel like you need to stop, that motivation being yelled at you HELPS.

Working all my muscles really gets me in the mood for… mussels…?
Maybe clams and cute little squids too…

Maybe some seafood stew. And salad. And wine.

Man, so good!
I’m telling you, my boyfriend is the best cook. Going out to eat will never be the same because most of the time, it’s not nearly as good as my little chef’s!
Mussel graveyard.
They didn’t stand a chance.

Before I forget, Happy Monday!

I assume everyone had either a relaxing or eventful, or both, weekend!

Aside for not really doing much of anything, I spent a lot of time in the kitchen…

Juice Making
Except mine were Vegan No-Bake Almond Butter Tahini Carob Chip Protein Bars
Wooh, that’s a mouthful. Pun intended.
After I assembled all the ingredients
I popped them into the dehydrator for a couple of hours.
Cut them into unpictured bars
And proceded to eat most of them by Monday.
They’re good.
And I even made some Kimchi
*Shredded napa cabbage and red, carrots, green onions, kabocha squash (cool huh), salt, red pepper flakes, and lovely spicy Shiracha sauce
Spice. Mix. Massage.
Put into big jar.
Wait and report back to you later.
Oh, and the boy(friend) who thinks all my smoothie-making, vegan-raw-food-eating ways are a little strange has been requesting his own green smoothies… every morning.
Saturday he got a banana, almond milk, rice protein, maca, cinnamon smoothie
Ta ta for now!
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