Green Weeks: Random Sunday

Posted byLori Posted onMarch 14, 2010 Comments0

 Green Weeks, Day Seven
As you may or may not know, I am out wandering aimlessly around Sonoma County, Healdsburg to be exact, tasting the sweet, savory, bitter, bold, mellow, and wonderful wines from winery barrels. Life could not be more grand.

Since I’m not at home and cannot make any new creations in the kitchen, I’ll leave you with some extremely random photos I found on my computer.

Enjoy. And don’t say I didn’t warn you.

…because that would be stupid.
What are the odds?!?
Really REALLY good paint job.
We can decide???
No comment.
That’s just mean.

From last year’s garden
Yeah, I don’t know…
And this is why I love him.
Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.
Green (well purple) juice and wine. Life could not get any better.
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