Earth Day Challenge: Wanna Play?

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April 22nd, 2010, the official Earth Day! I know that you have all been doing your part each and every day to take care of our Earth and practice those sustainability and green skills. (Yeah, who am I trying to kid? I know that’s a lie. I should be doing more…)  What better way to show your love of dear ‘ole Mother Earth than taking part in Lori & Kaite‘s GREEN WEEK CHALLENGE!! (Oooooh, I’m so excited!)
I know you remember Green Weeks from last month. Well, here is the steroid version. The Superfoods, hardcore, weight-lifted, P90X super-graduate version, if you will. 
Your mission, ff you choose to except it, it starts on April 15th and runs until Earth Day. Read and reread this post, as it will become your new best friend for the next week and a half. Rules, challenges, and prizes (that’s right! You will be rewarded!) are listed below. 

Have fun, enjoy the ride, and save the Earth!

  1. There are 2 “tiers” of the challenges. 1 Point for challenges on the 1st tier, 2 points for the 2nd tier.
  2. You can only do each challenge one time (can’t get multiple points for multiple loads of laundry, nice try though). But we do encourage you to do multiple challenges for an *Honorable Mention.
  3. Do one of the challenges and post about it on your blog or email Lori or Katie with a photo (gotta have proof, ya know?).  If you post it on your blog, please email Lori or Katie a link to that post.  The post must include a photo of you doing the challenge!
  4. The challenge will run from April 15th through the end of the day on Earth Day (April 22nd).
  5. We will tally all the points at the end of the challenge and 2 people with the most points will win a goodie-basket filled with green **prizes! 
  6. Blog about the challenge on your blog before the challenge begins to spread and you can get an extra point!! Please link to this post, and email one of us the link to your blog post!

Want to blog about this? Pick your green goodness up right here! Yes, go post it to your blog, already!

copy and paste this code: 
[a href=””][img src=”” /]
 [a href=””][img src=”” /]
[a href=””][img src=”” /]
just replace ] and [ with > and < in the tags and you’re all set!
email me if you have any questions.
For all of your Earth-lovin’ efforts, there will be a reward. Since you’re send in your pictures, post a comment, blog your sustainable actions, and just do your way through the challenges, we’re keeping track. You will not go unnoticed!  

 *Honorable Mention is included in this challenge. To be eligible for Honorable Mention, we ask that you email one of us multiple challenge items that you have completed. There won’t be tangible prizes, but you get your name spread all over the Green Week Challenge!! That means you’re a do-gooder!  
 **Prize items will include green goodies from Natural Zing, Pure2Raw Bakery, fabulous, crafty Katie‘s reusable shopping bags, and coffee cup cozies, seeds for your NEW garden, and much, much more!

    1. Wash clothes with cold water 1 pt
    2. Drink a green smoothie 1 pt
    3. Eat a vegetarian or vegan meal 1 pt
    4. Use cloth napkins 1 pt
    5. Make and use your own cleaning products (Recipes here!) 2 pts
    6. Use a canvas, or reusable, grocery bag 1 pt
    7. Plant a tree/herb/vegetable (indoors or out) 2 pts
    8. Shop at your local farmers market or buy only local produce for a day 1 pt
    9. Shop at your local farmers market/buy local for the next week 2 pts
    10. Take all batteries, old computers, DVD players, or other electronics to an electronics recycling center (keep hazardous substances out of the landfill) 2 pts
    11. Start a compost 2 pts
    12. Clean out your pantry and donate unopened non-perishables to a food bank 2 pts
    13. Walk, bike or take public transportation to work for the ENTIRE week 2 pts
    14. Carpool to work/store/gym 1 pt
    15. Make an Earth inspired meal using only whole foods- whole grains, fresh veggies and/or fruits, nuts, seeds 1 pt
    16. Get in touch with the Earth- try a yoga class, go for a walk without distractions such as your Ipod, meditate 1 pt
    17. Donate your time to a soup kitchen (good karma!) 2 pts
    18. Bring a reusable coffee cup on your next cafe run 1 pt
    19. Hang laundry to dry 1 pt

    Are you up for the challenge?
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      2. That sounds like so much fun. Things have been busy around here, but I'll try to participate. I'll at least mention it on my blog for you.

      3. I am glad to note that I have done and do some of those challenges on an ongoing basis! This will be a fun game! I hope many people will pass this on and maybe some habits will stick!!!!

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