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It has been a long, long day. But with every dark tunnel, there is a light, for it is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

The weekend is among us, folks, and I am stoked for that simple little fact. I am filling this weekend with more ‘me’ time than I care to. Boyfriend is in lovely Las Vegas for the next couple of days spending his days getting wasted belligerent participating in male gorilla bonding blowing money at Craps nursing a hangover upon waking at noon with beer enjoying the sun. Well, Mr. Boyfriend, I can enjoy the sun, too!

My agenda for my Friday, Saturday, and Sunday is as planned:

Make dinner, watch a movie, play on the internet while watching the movie (I’m a terrible movie watcher, fyi), and going to sleep (probably earlier than anyone should on a Friday night).

Make a breakfast of champions, aka a Green Potion (smoothie), attend my third personal training session with my boot camp instructor (yaaaaaaaay!), hit up Whole Foods and maybe a little Cafe Gratitude (um, yum!), post the best blog post ever (GET READY!), donate some clothes to Good Will… as you can see my weekend is just full of nothing boringness food? patheticism fun.

In fact, my weekend is going to be so much fun that I even went to the library to check out a book that Katie recommended… but it was checked out. Bummer. So, Plan B, I’m cleaning the entire house. Woo- hoo (can you sense the sarcasm in that typing?).

But seriously, I’m actually excited to have some ‘me’ time. I can catch up on a lot of things I’ve been neglecting. If anyone has any books or movies they recommend, send ’em my way!

In the meantime, here are some of my recent eats, and maybe a recipe.

Remember this picture from yesterday?

I’ve been reading Ms. Clueless’ new book, The Kind Diet, and have to say, there are some Lori recipes in there! I am loving this book, solely for the recipes. From the Superhero recipe section, I give you my take on Alicia Silverstone‘s Candied Ginger Pears:

Lori’s Warm Sweet Pears with Lemon Yogurt and Hemp Seeds

  • 1 pear, halved and cored
  • 1 tsp ginger juice or crushed fresh ginger
  • 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp maple syrup
  • pinch of sea salt
  • hemp seeds
  • yacon syrup (or more maple or agave syrup)
  • more fresh lemon juice, amount to taste
  • greek yogurt (or coconut yogurt or kefir)
  • liquid Stevia

Place pear halves, up side up, in a oven-safe dish. In a separate bowl, mix together ginger juice, lemon juice, maple syrup, and salt. Pour over pears. Put into the oven to broil, on low, for 5-10 minutes. When pears are heated, remove from oven and top with yacon syrup and hemp seeds. In another bowl, combine yogurt, lemon juice, and liquid Stevia drops. Top pears with lemon yogurt. Enjoy!

This recipe is super good and pretty healthy, in the way of desserts. And you feel like a Superhero when eating it… or maybe not, but it’s still good.

More Kind recipes I’ve been enjoying include:

Gingered Green Beans with Hijiki (seaweed)
(This recipe is really really good!)

My version of Baby Bok Choy Drizzled with Ume Vinaigrette:
Braised Swiss Chard Drizzled with Ume Vinaigrette

Carrot and Burdock Kinpira
…With added seaweed
And Coconut Bliss Chocolate Ice Cream
with Carob Chips
Oooops! That’s not one of her recipes!
Have a wonderful night, my friends. And remember, later on tomorrow, after all my many duties, you will get an extra special post!
Again, Happy Friday!
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  1. Monica, the baked pears are really good! And yes, I don't really mind having a super short attention span… it means I get more done. 😉

  2. A ha! The pears are baked. Inspired! BTW, I also have a short attention span when it comes to movies.

  3. Your weekend sounds EXACTLY like mine. I am a terrible movie watcher (there is one on now, but I couldn't even tell you what it is about). And, I put my pajamas on at 7 pm. I'm a rock star! Tomorrow my house will be clean and my garden will be ready (I hope). Sun I will relax (I hope).

    Can't wait for your super duper exciting post tomorrow! 😉

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