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If you run, you are a runner. It doesn’t matter how fast or how far. It doesn’t matter if today is your first day or if you’ve been running for twenty years. There is no test to pass, no license to earn, no membership card to get. You just run.
-John Bingham, running writer and speaker ( newsletter of inspirational quotes)

I like this quote. It’s truthful and it’s motivating.

And since I run… well, then I guess I am a runner. Are you a runner? So many readers run on a regular basis, including those that have competed in 5k races, half marathons, marathons, and triathlons. It’s rewarding to finish a run, whether it’s for competitive purposes or just plain fun. What running have you done? What races have you finished?

Well, it’s Monday again and that only means one thing… weekend recapping! I know you’re all thrilled! So, let’s start with some eats (and that’s probably where we’ll finish too because that’s just about all I have in terms of new pictures to share).

Saturday I turned to oats for my meal of breaking-the-fast. Well, actually, let me back up because I have some pre-breakfast dishes to share first.

Meal #1: Green Juice

Fresh out of the juicer: kale, carrot, beet tops, lemon, lime, ginger, green apple, cilantro, and strawberry juice

Looks gross, tastes amazing. Strawberries juiced = deliciousness

Project #1: Raw Cinnamon Raisin Bread (varied with pineapple)

I had sprouted buckwheat sitting in the fridge, and while trying to decide what to do with it, I came across this recipe by Sarah. Sounded good and I had pretty much all of the ingredients, so why not?

I was out of cinnamon (ghasp!) and vanilla, I had just cut up some pineapple, and I wanted to make this bread. So into the mix went the buckwheat, pineapple, one green apple, flax meal, raisins, agave, Stevia, and salt. All mixed up and placed on the dehydrator for pretty much the entire day.

Not quite sure why, but I didn’t take a picture of the final product without it slathered in tahini.

It was pretty good but would have been much better with cinnamon. Sad. Anyway, I had some leftover “dough” so I decided to make some oats mixed with pine-and-apple raisin bread “dough” for added protein with the sprouted buckwheat.

Meal #2: Apple raisin buckwheat oats

Results? Amazing. Delicious. Fantastic. Gooey mess of yum.

Pretty good results, in fact, some of the best oats around. Even better sprinkled with a few more pieces of pineapple and raisins.

Even-even better with Spirulina and Maca powder added. And not just because it was a really cool green color (although the picture does not do it justice.)

Oats in the shade.

Meal #3: (although a few were skipped, this is the next picture I took.) White cod, salad, and kabocha

Delicious green salad, pan seared cod (wild caught only!), and some baked kabocha squash, topped with a very strange sauce- not even sure what I put into it but it wasn’t very good.

Meal #4: Overflowing Protein Cake

This was for dessert. This recipe comes from a few different places, one of which is April (and her Foods- get it? Her blog is Foods of April… nevermind). (Both of these ladies have great blogs, go check them out!) And although the idea sounds really good, and the dish looks really cool, I just was not a fan.

Overflowing in the microwave… Don’t worry, Mama Samaan, I cleaned it up!

Topped with my last little bit of goat yogurt.

Yep, I’m giving dairy up again. No more. And I couldn’t be happier. I just get way too mucusy and congested. No bueno! And funny, I never would have known just how congested I get- lungs, head, throat, etc.- if I hadn’t had it in 2 years. Crazy. Allergy sufferers out there, you may want to cut out dairy (all forms) for a few weeks…


Anyway, did you know that May is National Salad Month?? Who else is excited?!?!?! I certainly am! (I am also a little weird so that may help you understand my reasoning for the excitement…) And Janetha “told” me about this amazing month-long-tribute to green goodness-es…

In honor of National Salad Month, I will be (3 days late) providing you with a new salad idea EVERY day. Well, aren’t I nice…

Question Time!

What do you want to be known for in life? How would you like to be famous? I would like to be known for starting a non-profit that helped young girls and teens with eating or body disorders, by raising their self confidence through yoga. I have seen this one by one of the yoga instructors at the studio I attend(ed) and it’s amazing how it has helped so many girls. I could go on about how yoga can tremendously help ALL aspects of your life, but I’ll save that for another post.

I’d also like to be “famous” for being a top earner in my company. Others are getting recognized for it and I’d love to too! Not to mention, my company is running a promo from May st through Sept. 30th for $10,000 bonus. Insane. I want it!

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  1. hey I have a question. I like to juice and green smoothies are awesome but is there a good sub for apples? I am allergic to them but all the recipes I see so far are apple centric 😛

    1. Oh you could use just about anything! Lemon, beets, and carrots all add sweetness just as the apple would. Try out a few different variations and see what you like best! Good luck!

      1. Thanks i was just wondering why so many of the recipes I have seen call for apples. I was wondering if there was any reason for that.

  2. National Salad Month?!!?!? How did that get by me?!

    I’d like to be known for being a positive influence. I know that’s general, but I think it would be different for different people. The things we bring to friendships/relationships is different for each person, and I’d just like to be thought of positively by every one of my acquaintances.

    Like Lori and Michelle, I’d also like to be remembered for my contributions to help end childhood obesity. That’s why i LOVE the Girls on the Run program. That’s the 5K I ran this past weekend. I’ve done it for three seasons now, and it gets better every time!
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..Weekend Update =-.

  3. Lori and I want to help children learn how to cook healthy meals plus learn how incorporate exercise in their lives. We want to help children fight obesity.

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