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I’m so glad everyone liked my garden I posted pictures about yesterday! It’s such a sense of accomplishment and pride when you grow your own foods (or make you’re own sustainable items…).

I know a lot of you out there grow your own foods and have your own gardens… What is your favorite thing(s) to grow? And what grows the easiest for you? For my garden kale and lettuces are taking over- with no complaints from me! Also, the cilantro is doing really really well. I love what the sun can do for plants! Before last week, it was cold and overcast every day. And finally, with the sun out and the warm weather, the plants are flourishing!

Onto the sweat! Sorry, graphic, but necessary for fitness. Yesterday was an amazing day in CrossFit. I learned that to gain in the world of fitness, one needs to push it. When I say push-it, I really mean, PUSH IT beyond what you think you are capable of. In exercise, fitness, weights, running, gaining endurance, etc., the only true way to step up to that next level is to try hard, really hard. Until yesterday, CrossFit was pretty easy. That was until I added some heavier weights. And definitely heavier than I’m used to. I guess it pays to get pulled out of your comfort zone because yesterday’s workout was HARD.

Warm-Up: 400 meter run, lots of stretches, 5×2 pull-ups, 10×2 push-ups, 15×2 squats, 200 meter run, jump rope double-unders, etc.

Strength: Front Squats
1 rep max performed 5 times
(this is where it got hard for me… ANYONE have a tip for racking the weight on your collarbone so it doesn’t kill?? It’s suppose to be the front of your shoulders but my collarbone must stick out farther than everyone else’s…)

WOD (Workout Of the Day): (This was HARD)
400 Meter Run then
15, 12, 9, 6, 3 (15 of each move, then 12, then 9, etc- straight through)
*Deadlift (95#)
*Wall Ball (12#) (squating with a medicine ball then throwing it up to a point on the wall above)

Finish with 200 Meter run

My time: 10:43 (Wooohooo! First one done! But definitely felt that workout)

Wanna see where the “Pushin’ It” happens??

“The Cage”

As you can see, there are pull-up bars, weight racks, and then we have rowing machines, medicine balls, etc., etc.

Speaking, before, of pushing it- Averie told me that she makes great gains in her muscle building with really struggling with a heavy weight. She really challenges her muscles with the weights. And after two weeks, those heavy weights don’t feel so… heavy. All in the name of progress. Yes, it is common sense, but it’s easier said then done. Personally, I find it hard to use heavier weights (than I’m used to) and perform the exercise with proper form. I guess that’s where practice, practice, practice, with some patience thrown in, comes in handy.

So, after pumping iron, you gotta feed those (baby) muscles! My eats, lately, have included lot of veggies and salads- with protein, of course!

Fresh, yummy, homegrown lettuce mix, balsamic dressing, tomatoes, with my special dehydrated Braggs soaked pumpkin seeds and almonds. Side dish of green beans with marinara sauce. Delish and nutrish! (Side dish made my Mama Samaan- it’s amazingly good)

Simple Catfish Ceviche, recipe compliments of my buddy, Alton Brown. Along with strawberry topped salad and baked sweet potato Heaven fries.

Oh, and a salad with avocado, cumin, coriander, olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and a splash of Umeboshi Plum Vinegar. So simple and extremely tasty dressing!

Mmmmmm. Greens are pure enjoyment. I love food. 😉

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  1. Too many great salad photos in one post, and I can’t remember what i was going to say.

    Oh, yeah. Heavy weights are amazing for really building muscle. Nothing like that feeling either! You are making me really want to try out crossfit….
    .-= Katie´s last blog ..Back to life, back to reality =-.

  2. Right now – favorite thing to grow is Basil because I use it every day and it’s so easy to pick! I think I need two more plants I use it sooo much! I’m also growing Valerian which I love because the flowers smell amazing and it’s so big and tall!

    What is yr fave???
    .-= fartygirl´s last blog ..Vanilla Tarragon Chia Puddin’ =-.

  3. i am so envious of your garden and you should be very proud of it…it is such an accomplishment!

    and your salads are always so lovely and colourful, and so very creative!!!

    have a beautiful day!

  4. Yes pushing yourself hard in workouts is hard, but worth it in the end. With Insanity, has made me push myself, but I do feel I could be pushing harder. I do not like lifting heavy weights, I am more of a low weight more reps girl!

    Salads looks amazing!

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