Meeting Chute Assis & A Giveaway

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Friday addition of What Runs Lori will include: bloggy meetup,  upholstered headboards, free-falling, and vegan food. Yay!


Chute assis: French for sit flying, or free-falling with one’s seat presented to the relative wind.


Chute Assis: Jumping into a journey with ‘rear presented to the relative wind.’

Meet Anne. I did. In terms of free-falling into life, she does.

And what a truly inspirational woman she is. After chomping on some delicious food (i.e. Cafe Gratitude… mmmmmmm), she told me all about how, all in one week, she got married, quit her job, and drove across the country to start a new home/life in the Bay area of California (right by me!). Her attitude is upbeat and spontaneous and honestly, a breath of fresh air.

New wifey, vegetarian cook (but she also makes meat for the lover in her life), adventurer, yogi, and personal trainer: go see her blog here. 🙂

Oh, and I just so happened to take a picture, or two, of my meal, because you really don’t care.

Bowl of quinoa, shredded kale, steamed veggies and topped with delicious tahini-garlic sauce
I am Cozy: hot water lemon, ginger, honey, cayenne pepper


In other news, it’s time for a Friday Giveaway!!! Seriously, what could be better on this Friday? (A pumpkin spiced latte? Winning lotto ticket? New shoes? Probably.)

But since we are not all as lucky as those damn mid-western lottery players, I’ll give you a few days to comment on this post to win a $35 gift card from CSN stores!

With this gift card, you could purchase a wine rack, upholstered headboards, boxing gloves, or a yoga mat. Or anything you’d like, cause you won (well, maybe). CSN has everything. Literally.

Official Rules:

  1. Check out the CSN Stores website and leave a comment with one thing you would buy with the gift card.
  2. Leave a comment telling me one attribute you admire in someone.
  3. Leave another comment telling me your favorite color.
  4. Leave another comment with a random word you like to use.
  5. Leave yet another comment telling me you posted this giveaway on YOUR blog or site. 🙂
  6. I know, these rules are ridiculous, just go with it.

Ready, set, go! Comment away!


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  1. OHMYGOD!!!!! i LOVE cafe gratitude! it’s my most favorite restaurant! i randomly just stumbled onto your blog via another blog and i’m so glad i did! i love finding cafe gratitude enthusiasts — i go way, way too often which, honestly, i don’t mind 🙂 gah, how awesome!

  2. Random word? The name of a street nearby. Whenever I say it it brings a smile to my face:

    Orangethorpe. It’s the thorpe part that gets me 🙂

  3. An attribute I admire in someone is the ability to make others feel special, loved, and confident. I don’t know how to describe it, but I’ve met a few people who make me feel better about myself somehow. I want to be someone like that – just exuding optimism and sunshine!
    .-= Kady´s last blog ..Fall at the Farm =-.

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