Giving Back (with a giveaway!)

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**Edited to add: Giveaway ends Friday, Feb. 11th at noon(ish)!**

When I was growing up I used to LOVE those swing sets for kids. The ones where you could play for hours; flying innocently through the wind.

A few weeks ago, Katie, in the midst of MakingFoodAndOtherStuff decided to host a giveaway with NuNaturals‘ NuStevia products. I just happened to be one incredibly lucky commenter to win!

Upon finding out I was a lucky recipient of such an awesomely rewarding giveaway (I really need to work on new adjectives for the blog..) I felt just like a kid again, on that swing sets for kids.

And what a great feeling that truly was. Carefree, childlike, flying without worries. I knew right then and there I had to give back that feeling of enjoyment…

With a giveaway of my very own! Yay! Isn’t life grand?

Once again, CSN Stores have given What Runs Lori the chance to host a giveaway for a $35 gift card to go towards anything on their 200+ stores!

Rules of the game:

Leave a comment for each of the following items/questions/tasks.

  1. Go to and comment with one thing you just need
  2. Go to and comment with a recipe idea (that I could make with all my new sugar-free toys!)
  3. Link back to this giveaway and leave a comment telling me you did
  4. Add me to your blogroll, ’cause why am I not there already? And then leave a comment.

Ends Friday, Feb. 11th. Winner will be selected at random. 🙂

Ready? Set? Go….!!!!!!!

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  1. Linked it:


  2. Of course you are already on my blogroll..and I have no idea why I didn’t see this giveaway sooner. =P

  3. I ALWAYS want to try different chocoalte chip cookies, so I’d have to go with this:

  4. Oh my gosh, well, I’m gonna have my own kitchen (well, with a group of friends) next year so I’m trying to outfit it… I could do with looots of things! Maybe a food processor or even basics like cookie sheets… SO many options!!!

  5. Hi, I just need the Fangio Table Lamp in Antique Beige – 13012 because it’s gorgeous!

  6. I need to get me some new Oven Mitts. 🙂

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway! 🙂

  7. I need everything, except for what I already have. Does that make sense? Basically I just want my kitchen to have every appliance known to man. I would say I’m about half way there but this would certainly help fuel the addiction. I hope that’s a legit answer 🙂 If not I’ll go with a tea kettle because I desperately need one.

  8. I absolutely NEED an electric blanket and a lap desk and a shower radio. CSN store is awesome!

  9. I NEED the veggie spiralizer. My garden is going to have a gazillion zucchini’s and I would love to have pasta everyday lol!

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