The Roasted Banana Split

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I think it all started when I saw this recipe for roasted bananas made into soft serve “ice cream.” The idea of melty bananas frozen into a wonderful frosty treat sounds wonderful, even though it was snowing at my house (we’ll go there on another day… damn Mother Nature).

Although, it very well could have been the fact that I made a light box last weekend and hadn’t touched it since. It’s a great way to take some prettyfreakingawesome pictures but it’s a pain to set up and it’s quite large to have just sitting around.

Or maybe the whole idea came from the banana itself. As I went to extract the banana from it’s “shell,” the whole peel stayed intact due to it’s lack of perfect ripeness. I couldn’t just throw away a perfect banana peel, could I?

To add to that, I had some vodka induced fudge sitting in the fridge just waiting to be a topping to any weird creation that could be conquered up.

And then there was the fact that for whatever reason, I’ve had this massive creative attack. Ideas are flying through my head at lightening speed and there aren’t enough hours in the baking day or calories consumed in a given day to make all of them.

And then maybe it was just pure and delicious fate that brought all of these ingredients here, into one place. Because I can tell you with perfect certainty that This. Was. Incredible. If not just totally fun to make, photograph, and then devour!

Roasted Banana Soft Serve with Vodka Induced Fudge chunks and melted Peanut Butter

[Served in a frozen banana shell]


  • Cut a length-wise slice along a seem of two (almost brown-ripe, but not quite) banana peels, peeling carefully to keep intact
  • Follow this recipe for roasted banana soft serve, I added cinnamon, vanilla extract, and coconut creamer to mine
  • While bananas are freezing, make Vodka Induced Fudge (yum, yum, yum)
  • When banana soft serve is done, peel is frozen, fudge is made and set, and you’ve got some toppings ready (peanut butter is yummy), you’re ready to plate your dish
  • Scoop soft serve into frozen banana peels, top with fudge, and drizzle warm peanut butter (all over the top)
  • Prop up however you can manage to snap some pictures and EAT
  • Sharing is always optional but more fun

Don’t forget to take a picture with your banana boat…

The proud Mama

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  1. oh my goodness! THis looks amazing!!! I love roasted bananas so much, and now you took it to the next level! Great idea girl!

  2. i’m about 100% sure that something like this is even allowed to be legal. like holy friggn cow HOW in the world did you not eat this and then start over.

  3. oh yum! and how cute in the banana peel! seriously, you need a cafe.

    thought of you this morning. i made socca pancakes with curry and topped with mango. yums!

  4. Vodka fudge sounds good – but I would give it a try with a butterscotch cordial or a stout 😉 Very creative though!

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