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Get it? TRX for A.B.S., abs? Yeah, at least I entertain myself…

TRX, the newest fashion of exercise? Maybe or maybe not, but it’s a pretty fun way to get a great workout. And it just so happens I now have my certification, or as they call it, Credential, in TRX Group Suspension Training. So this just means that I can kick some workout ass butt in a group setting. 😉

The pictures in this post are from my full day of training. In learning the new fitness tool and workouts, we got to participate in 2 (intense) routines lasting an hour each. Oh, were my abs lovin’ me at the end of the day…

Action pics I snapped during my weekend training class

What is TRX all about anyway? What does it even stand for?

TRX stands for Total-body Resistance Exercise and is a suspension training system, which utilizes a mix of support and mobility training in strength, flexibility, endurance, balance, coordination, power, and core all at once. The TRX motto to follow is “all core, all the time.”

TRX uses gravity and movement to generate the engagement of your entire body. It’s functional training, meaning real life training, with wide ranges of movements- not just isolation of one body part. With TRX you can train for any goal (see above with strength, endurance, coordination, balance, flexibility, cardiovascular).

Here’s a little preview of some of the things we did, and you can do, with TRX:

It can be super intense or just a great workout. Anyone can use, and love, TRX. Any fitness level is welcome, as you adjust the workout using your own body weight. It’s even becoming a go-to workout for sports injuries and used in physical therapy programs.

To me, the idea behind TRX training is very similar to Gravity Pilates (anyone out there familiar with this?? I love this workout!) where it forces you to engage your core while working a huge range of muscles at the same time. With TRX, you can adjust the resistance several ways, all just with manipulating where you’re body is relative to the top, or anchor, of the suspension cables. So, bottom line, you make it hard or easy, or even killer, for each different exercise.

So, if you’re interested, I’ll give you a little TRX Boot Camp class- which pretty much hits every single inch of your body (if not all at once). Just hop on a plane and meet me this Saturday morning. Free class for everyone! (oh, I wish we could all just hang out, don’t you?!)

As soon as I get my TRX in the mail, I’ll be posting some videos of my favorite moves (mostly core work ’cause it’s fantastic). Get excited! 😉

Your thoughts? Ever tried TRX? Gravity Pilates? Is this just a fad? 😉

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  1. Looks like the torture chambers in the castles I visit when in Europe, to everybody his/her own 🙂

  2. I kind of think this is just a fad. I don’t know enough about it to make any judgement though. . If it was cheap, and I had the space for it in my living space I would give it a go.

  3. I’ve only used the TRX for about 10 min, but I LOVED it! I want one so badly too….

    I don’t get the TRX for ABS thing. Am i just dense?

    Can’t wait to see the video featuring Lori!

  4. oh my god..this looks sooo challenging, and SO up my lane!! I want to do a class like this now; what a great workout it must’ve been!

  5. i love the trx! we have one at the studio i train at…i want to get one for myself!
    i would totally love to come to your bootcamp class, i’m terrified of flying though 😉 haha

  6. TRX like T-Rex? Looks like a pretty ginormous studio, with all the yellow, etc.

    Glad it’s working so well for you. I love the concept of exercises that use mostly your own body. And oh, I’d dearly love to run down to CA and have a class with you this w/e!

  7. A year or so agoI was on the TRX website to order but I backed out at the last minute…I still want one though as I think they would be a fantastic workout tool to have.
    Congrats on being certified!! I would love to come to a class…some day:)

  8. never tried TRX, but heard a lot of good things about it. it looks totally helpful in gaining flexibility and range of motion and coordination. i think it would be great for physical therapy settings, too!
    looks like a fun way to switch up boring workouts 🙂

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