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This day in age, bigger is always better. At least that’s how it’s portrayed. Supersizing and Trenta’s are ruling the food arena, whereas cupcakes and hot pockets are pushed aside. (please note, I am not condoning hot pockets…)

I have embarked on a mission to bring small back. Take back the mini. Bring forth bite-sized. Well, at least for one meal.

Often times we overlook things in small packages. Today, I say look out BIG, because pint-sized and petite are back, via What Runs Lori. And sadly, it’ll probably only be for one meal because I lift weights, which means I have a big appetite (not that I didn’t stuff my face with this one).

At this point in the post, you probably have a good idea what I’m getting at, so I’ll get on with it…

Sliders. With variety. Variety Sliders! Meaning, you can’t have just one kind.

Move over White Castle, there’s a new small in town.

Yep, that’s my topless sprout slider…

Variety is the spice of life and these sliders are lacking none of either, life or spice, OR flavor for that matter. Let’s see what’s beyond the bun, shall we?

First, the handy-boyfriend ground equal parts of lean beef and lean pork steaks, creating the base for our sliders, fresh-style. Then he mixed some oats, two eggs, jalapenos, onions, and tons of different spices (sorry, I can’t help you out with the specifics) into each type of meat. Above you can see the pork and beef burgers grillin’. While the two types of burgers cooked, it was my job to prepare the dressings… we can’t have naked buns wandering around, now can we?

The variety of these sliders started with Dijon mustard, bbq sauce, spicy horseradish, *peanut butter, bacon, pickles, tomatoes, unpictured mayo and sprouts, and lettuce. Here are some combos that were better than ANYTHING we could have purchased in a restaurant.

*Ok, I know what you’re thinking, “Peanut butter on a burger. That Lori chick is just crazy.”
But no, I’m not. I went to college at Chico State (*nostalgia wave*) and one of the great bars there, The Bear, served The Jiffy Burger (I think this needs no explaining). And you are NOT allowed to knock it until you try it.

The best burger that was created was this guy. Juicy pork patty, bbq sauce, bacon, and peanut butter. I promise you, your taste buds will not only thank you, they’ll rejoice with a song… or they’ll just be insanely happy.

Then we had some combos such as:

  • Bacon, bbq sauce, spicy horseradish
  • Dijon mustard, bbq sauce, horseradish, sprouts
  • Mayo, bbq sauce, Dijon, horseradish, spicy ketchup
  • Dijon mustard, bbq sauce, peanut butter
  • Honestly, there were too many to remember all of them…

Is food porn legal?

[Oddly and] Coincidentally, after making these better-than-any-bar-menu-burgers I came across this yahoo headline for what the article calls, “The Best Burger in America.” Um, no.

Candidate for “Best Burger in America”

Now, maybe is it just me but mine look like a bagillion (yes, a bagillion) bucks.


These were, admittedly, bigger than sliders. We made eight different ones. Eight

Sneak peak behind the scenes. Slider photo shoot.

Sickeningly enough, we ate all of them. Bloated tummies aside, and a meat-hangover nursed on the couch later, these sliders were incredible.

His plate and my plate. What can I say, I’m not a bread person.

The end. 🙂

Who wins the burger challenge??

What are your toppings of choice?

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  1. HELL YES. GO LORI. These are amazing. And I know from experience that PB on burgers is amazing – I applaud you for spreading the love. You win best burger in America.

  2. Burger Toppings? I can’t resist pepper jack cheese and avocados. Looks great :), Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  3. Loved this post! Your burger could def kick that other burg’s a$$! I usually top my burger with cheese, tomato, spinach and ketchup, but believe me, the next one I have is going to have you bbq, pb, and bacon combo! I’m intrigued!

  4. hahaha these are rad and so is this post! You’re hilarious 🙂 And I’ve heard things about people who go to Chico State…. haha actually I have heard about all the awesome places to eat there! That and Davis have some awesome college vibes and eateries around. I had some bomb burgers near UC Davis.

    Well done 🙂

  5. Omg, ha! I feel like you were just reading my mind with this post. So last night my hubs was talking about this restaurant he went to where he ate a bunch of mini sliders with different types of meat. I was thinking of remaking them in a healthier way and then I came across your post! yeyeye! Gorgeous pics and awesome looking sliders. Super perfect. Oh and the peanut butter..I was watching Man Vs Food. (I dont know why but I love this amazed by it) but they featured a burger with PB and I sssoo wanted to give it a try. Im so glad you posted this! Great combos and awesome sliders…Yummy!!!! Everything looks so super fantastic!

  6. WOW. i looked at the first picture in my stomach instantly growled. i then scrolled down and there was even more!!!! how to choose how to choose?!!? have them all i guess!

  7. When I saw PB on there, I was thinking, “Holy eff. That Lori chic is an effing genius and I totally love her!!!”

    Seriously. Culinary explosion, in a good way!

  8. WOW your pics are vibrant!

    I’ve also never tried a PB & hamburger combination but it sounds WONDERFUL. I love sliders too…I made chicken sliders a few weeks ago 😀 deeee-lish!

  9. I would pick yours over the other any day. They seriously look so delicious, you have me drooling over here. I’ve never tried peanut butter on a hamburger before though, but I’ll definitely give it a try sometime. 🙂

  10. Amazing job dear friend. Love the pics and behind the scenes!!! I love the sliders, so cute!!

  11. I would eat your peanut butter slider anytime… and wow that sounds like a horribly filthy euphemism once it’s typed out!

    (I slay myself with these comments, in case you were wondering.)

  12. I’ll take one of each, sans bun por favor. at the best burger restaurant in Arizona, which just happens to be only a few feet from my front door, they let you creat your own with whatever toppings. I usually get beets, caramelized onions, and roasted green chiles. Or guac, chiles, and salsa, or caramelized onions, fried egg, and kraut.

    I’m c-razy!

  13. Yum, awesome job! The peanut butter one looks awesome, must try a veganized version! Love the light box, I need to set my up again.

  14. I think yours look a million times better! Seriously awesome job and I would appreciate if you dropped ine of these off to me asap!

  15. Reallyyyyyy? Thinking I will tackle the BBQ/Bacon/Peanut Butter first! Mmmmmmm Looks yummy!!


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