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Happy Friday! Finally? Yes, finally. The weekend is almost here and nothing say no work like a winner of a giveaway. Well, unless you’re not the winner, then no work just means no work. But really, who can complain about that? Besides the unemployed.

Ok, now that you’ve read how my brain flows (in all different directions), let’s get on with the winner of the gift card giveaway!

Ready for the lucky winner? And that lucky winner is……

…picked by

Is Amber of Almost Vegan! She commented with “Yes yes! I so need this! I need a new food scale and cutting board.” And now that she’s a certified Raw Food Chef, she needs these things… 😉


And because this totally made me giggle…

Question of the Day:

First word that pops into your head? Comment now!

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  1. Poop.

    (Not sure why. Maybe because the chick was saying crap? My friend and I in college came up with a hypothesis about poop called “Three degrees of poop”. Similar to the 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon, it means that any conversation is 3 steps from being one about poop….and now you know how my brain works.)

  2. “Mohawk”

    As in why does that little chicken have a mohawk? Keep living life on the wild side…and you may just end up like your friend Pete! Just sayin’! 😉


    hahah b/c I’m always craving chocolate and because my eye wandered off to the right side of your page and saw those delish cookies! Also-I’m veryyyy happy it’s Friday TGIF =)

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