ABC’s of Me and Spicy Berbere Chili with Pesto’ed Hummus

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Katie thought she was the last one in the blog world to help circulate this one, but she was wrong. I am. But here you go, a little bit about me.

ABC’s of Me

Age: 26

Bed: Queen pillow-top with high thread count bedding and fluffy pillows. I take my bed time seriously.

Chore you hate: I hate the part that comes after actually washing the clothes, you know, drying them and folding.. but I love vacuuming.

I don’t like doing dishes either…

Dogs: I miss having pets. I grew up with two dogs, a collie mix and a little toy poodle. 🙂

Essential start to your day: Exercise. And a trip to the bathroom. But not in that order.

My TRX and I. Fun, huh?!

Favorite color: Coral (reddish-orangey)

Gold or Silver: I’m not picky, I’ll take either.

Height: 5’4 1/2

Instrument you play: I used to play the piano, clarinet and base clarinet. Now I can bust out a quarter of a song on the piano. Sad.

Job title: Internet/blog surfer Executive Assistant

Kids: No. Just no. I’m way too selfish.

Live: Los Gatos, CA (I LOVE it)

Technically this is Santa Cruz but I’m right in the middle so I can claim both.

Mom’s name: Carole

Nicknames: Lo, Mwrar (don’t ask), Sissy (by my sister, duh), Bitch…?

Overnight hospital stays: Not yet.. hopefully not ever..

Pet peeve: Talking just to talk. Stop it. (That’s why you should get a blog, so people don’t have to listen.)

Quote from a movie: Sorry, all out of movie quotes.

Right or left: Right handed

Siblings: Younger sister. Hi Sister!

Time you wake up: 6:15 am… like clockwork.

Underwear: Yes, I am currently wearing them. They were purchased at Victoria’s Secret.

Recycled aluminum underwear?

Vegetable that you hate: Water chestnuts (are these even vegetables?!). I cannot and will not.

What makes you run late:  Kind of like What Runs Lori? I hate being late so it’s usually traffic or finding a parking spot (San Francisco, you have got to have one of the worse parking-spot cities. Ever).

X-rays you’ve had: Arm, wrist, foot, teeth…

Yummy food you make: If it’s green, it’s good. Cupcakes, Pizza, Smoothies, Pancakes, Oddities, it’s all good in my humble opinion. 😉

Yummy and healthy banana bread! Recipe here!

 Zoo, favorite animal: Zebras! So pretty!


So, that’s me. Well, a few things about me. You’re probably bored out of your minds now. How about a recipe to pep you up?!

How about the best chili recipe ever? Ok, ok, you twisted my arm, here you go!


Random Question of the Day:

If you were an alphabet letter, which one would you be and why?

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  1. I totally love food but love to stay fit at the same time. I just wonder if I could be at the same time, but that will make hard enough for me. I guess I had to make some research about some food that promotes less carbohydrates intake that eventually make me gained so much weight.

  2. LOVED this! Those TRX bands are insane! I’ve tried them a couple of times! I feel the same way about kids…I love my “me” time waaaaaaay too much!

    Aluminum underwear! Bahahaha! Your dinner looks fab! I will have to try that hummus sometime…need basil! Um, what is Berbere?

  3. Love it. Seriously I think you are a our triplet. haha We have so much in common, like hating water chestnuts and the instruments you played we played too 🙂 I would love to move to Cali…it is so beautiful there, maybe one day!

  4. Nice to learn more about you Lori! When’s that banana bread recipe coming? I’m so jealous you live in Cali… I wish I lived there

  5. It was so lovely to learn a bit more about you, as a new reader! Definitely got some giggles out of it too 🙂 Love the look of the chili and can’t wait for the banana bread!

  6. haha i love your crossed-out job description. story of my life. my blog makes me run late to everything too. water chestnuts are creepy.

  7. I’m a little jealous of your locale. So beautiful!
    I don’t know anything about this TRX business but I’m intrigued by planks with bands like that… I guess I need to get my google!
    And a stellar chili topped with a stellar pesto? Meal perfection right there!

  8. PESTO hummus?!?!? YUM!

    I grew up with pets too (dogs and cats) and I miss them so much!! My apartment just seems empty without a furry friend.

    If I were a letter I would be an S. It’s got lots of sexy curves! 🙂

  9. Not bored at all–a marathon post! I don’t know TRX but your form is awesome. I’d always pegged you as taller than that–you’re only half an inch taller than me. Amazing how you could find a whole alphabet of interesting things.

    If I were a letter–either an I, slender and the way up and down one and the same, or a circle, that can start from anywhere and come back to itself (two vague quotes from presocratic philosophers for you there!)

  10. Can I just say that I love your blog!! It is so organized and the layout is awesome. Not to mention you take fabulous pictures.

    Love the TRX pic and your lululemon top! You are so pretty 🙂

  11. I wasnt bored at all – I thoroughly enjoyed this post!
    The beri beri addition to chili is genius. I never would have thought of that. I have a chili recipe that calls for cocoa powder, and I thought that was unique!

  12. So much to comment on!! I love these posts.

    I was doing a crossword, and Los Gatos was one of the answers (totally thought of you). And I’ve ridden a bike up and down that ocean path that those pictures are taken on! I dated a guy who lived right by that amusment park on the ocean, and we rode from his house to the end…some state park, I think? Stopped to see the sea cows. I love it there!!!

    Bitch….that’s one of mine too. Actually, its Danger bitch. My superhero name. 🙂

    Water chestnuts are a blight on humanity.

    I just packed up my lunch and now I am wishing I’d packed some of my leftover chili.

    I can’t wait for gardening season. Basil, cilantro, sage, veggies!!!!

  13. you’re adorable…and i adore you… <3

    i just made an amazing peanut butter banana cake…i love banana cake…so i can't wait for your recipe…mine are always very VERY healthy…and devoid of much fat…and MULTIGRAIN!

    and that hummus pesto…YUM!!! i totally need tahini…i miss it.

  14. Girl please dont tell me you workout with your hair down!! I dont know how people can do that lol That may be one impossible feat I will never master 😉 On the other hand, girl you’ve got some killer skills to be able to hold that position! My wrists give out in side plank lol Im old I guess!

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