Fat Tuesday’s Skinny Wednesday: Slim Down Your Day

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After all the partying I did not do yesterday for Fat Tuesday, Skinny Wednesday is still needed. Just not in the normal “skinny” way you’re probably thinking.

Let’s review what sometimes runs Lori.


  • I tend to be overly sensitive to a lot of things
  • I take (most) things to heart
  • I’m a perfectionist (and get super frustrated when I can’t get things perfect)
  • I’m my own worse critic
  • I take on the world… daily
  • I try so hard and want give up when it doesn’t go as planned
  • I doubt myself
  • I judge myself
  • I pile my plate so high, it’s hard to start on any one thing

Anyone feel the same about themselves? Ug. Sometimes it’s just exhausting being inside my head.. And I don’t even have tiger’s blood. That is why today is dubbed, Skinny Wednesday. It’s time to unload those plates, decompress that brain, and take the weight of the world off from your shoulders. Today is about allowing life to flow. To just happen.

Here is what I vow to do for myself today (besides eat yummy food)… or at least think about following:

  • Whatever happens, happens
  • Finish unfinished projects- either throw them away, delete them from your inbox, or decide on the undecided- NOW
  • Read the amazingly uplifting comment you leave
  • Sit. Alone.
  • Breath
  • Read, bathe, exercise, allow
  • Accept imperfection
  • Accept yourself

Now, some of you may be reading this without any clue at all why or what I’m writing about, since you are effortlessly confident in your skin. I would say I’m jealous of that, since I am, but instead, I’m offering you a voice to comment with your thoughts on this, especially if you don’t “suffer” from the fighting negative thoughts daily.

Do you need to slim down your thoughts? …Or do you flow friendly with your day?

With my blog, the last thing I ever want to be is a downer. This is my positive sanctuary to eat and laugh and play as I wish. But, it is also a place to sift through my thoughts, getting the rough parts out. And right now, these are them, those clumps of negativity that is just there sometimes. Just writing this post helps. Like a deep sighing breath. 😉 (you know what I’m talking about)

Since I’m skinnying my Wednesday, slimming down my day, and breading positivity, I’m also going to share a recipe to brighten up the mid-week blues.

No better positive thought than eating on the sunny side of life… with eggs.

Now, this isn’t the most magical recipe but it’s good. It’s filling. It’s easy. And it’s sure to end any doubt you have about staying a vegan. (Ooops, did I just say that?!)

Baked Egg-Scrambled Wrap

[the other sunny side. serves two]

  • 4 whole eggs (healthy fats, keep ’em coming)
  • kale leaves, finely chopped
  • 1 red bell pepper, chopped into strips
  • 1 large zucchini, sliced thinly
  • 4 large mushrooms, sliced thinly
  • 2 egg roll wrappers (used for making those yummy savory cupcakes!)
  • 2 tbsp goat cheese, spread or crumble -style
  • 2 tbsp tomato paste
  • Salt, pepper, paprika, garlic powder, and love, all sprinkled to taste

In a large, heated pan, sautee kale, peppers, zucchini, and mushrooms with a dash of olive oil, until just starts to become tender. Add in eggs and scramble to hearts content, seasoning with salt, pepper, love and the like.

Once the eggs are fully cooked, about 3-5 minutes, set aside and prep your egg wrappers. On each egg wrapper, spread one tbsp of tomato paste and goat cheese along one side. Spoon equal amounts of egg scramble onto the wrapper and fold, pressing the sides down to seal.

With oven set to a low broil, bake the filled egg wraps for 3 minutes on each side, or until golden brown on the outsides. Serve any extra egg scramble on the side.

Eat and savor the happiness. 🙂

How can you slim down or Skinny Wednesday? Tips?!


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  1. yum what a great recipe!!! whenever i feel the need to have a slim down day, drinking lots of tea and water always gives me the idea of ‘purifying’ my body!

  2. Remember the movie “The Big Green”? (The soccer movie) I always remember that one song …”and if you ask me how I like my world, I like it sunny side up!” Haha your post made me think of that.

    I really need to slim down my thoughts- to spend less time stressing over workouts and counting calories. I’ve been in better places in my life before where I didn’t count that stuff and it was amazing. I need to get back there.

    As for negativity- amen, keep it away. For lent, I am rekindling my goal of saying nor thinking any negative about anyone else and on top of that being positive about every situation!

  3. I would like some egg filled eggroll foldy things too please!! 🙂

    I have been putting out a lot of good energy into the universe lately(even on days when I didn’t feel I had anything to offer… totally faking it till I’m making it kind of deal), and I am really starting to reap the benefits. This has been one of the best weeks in a LONG time!

  4. I can relate to every single one of your bullets. It’s like i write them!

    Your food photography is looking amazing! What tips do you have for me!!???

  5. Seriously we are the same! We think the same way. How I tried to slim down my thoughts was try really hard to just be and believe in a bigger plan; a bigger picture and that everything will work out. I just have to be patient 😉 xoxo

  6. hugshugshugs! no kidding — we are the same person. i’m in an emotional funk currently, too. i found a necklace a few weeks ago (at cafe gratitude!!) with the words ‘with the current’ etched into the back. perfect timing, too! i needed that statement as of late. and it seems like you do, too, lori! just remember you are enough, you are whole, you are amazing just as you are right now. if you go against the flow of the current, you only create unnecessary stress in your life. sending you positive vibes :)!

    (oh, and yoga, music, and solo walks are complete soul soothers!)

  7. Sh*t (a.k.a. negativity) happens! What else are [blog] friends for? 🙂 We all have our down days and rough patches. It’s hard not to feel pressure to not only be perfect, but to appear perfectly happy. But in the end, you know you’re a winner 🙂 Right?

  8. Yes, yes and absolutely. A Rumi quote that used to be my email sig: “We can’t know what the divine intelligence has in mind. Who am I, standing in the midst of this thought traffic?”

    The part about it that drives me crazy is that I have tools: I know what makes me feel better or worse–and so often, I get stuck in the negativity or mind-chatter and don’t _use_ them?!?!

    This last week, I listened to the Tapping World Summit and have started doing some ‘Tapping’–a combination of ranting out frustrations or creating positive affirmations, done while tapping on meridian points, so that you ground it into your body. Although I just started this candida cleanse and am feeling weak and crummy from it, the tapping gave me a huge boost of energy and positivity, so it’s one tool that I definitely want to keep using.

    Enjoy your skinny Wednesday!

    1. Ela…I also have been listening to the Tapping World Summit and practicing the technique. Very interesting stuff.

  9. Girl, I hear you big time! Lately my thoughts have been pretty negative and I’ve been pretty hard on myself. These definitely weigh me down so a slim-down-wednesday is just what I need.
    Thank you for the inspiration:)
    I love that wrap!!
    Have a wonderful day and here’s to a (relatively) calm mind!!

  10. Oh Lori , I am so sorry you are down. This isnt uplifting, but I am going through a super rough patch too. Youre not alone..
    On the uplifting side, things will get better. We are human – with imperfections, desires, needs, emotions, and thoughts. Remember that everything you have said or done, thought or felt, has been done before. You are not imperfect or bad- you are simply human.
    For a while I was doing SO much better with anxiety and negative thoughts. The key for me was to take it one day at a time, one minute at a time. To not stress about the future and just deal with the present in the best way possible…

  11. I always wonder why we are so hard on ourselves!!! I need to slow down life… I’m always rushing to the next thing!

  12. There’s two ways I cope with these situations – a good long run, and a glass of red wine….maybe two glasses. Just have to find a way to take a 5 minute vacation and escape or unwind. Sometimes it’s as simple as playing a game of Solitaire.

    As always, the food looks good!

  13. Oh how I wouldn’t love to be one of those creative types who just flows with things! Alas, yes, my head is often chaos! I could definitely use a skinny day 🙂

  14. lori!!!! i love you!!! this is an amazing post, and i love how you think about “slimming down your day” in this totally awesome and unconventional sense of the phrase… i can totally relate and i really need to unload my burdens also.. i don’t need to “slim down my day” in terms of food or exercise, i really need to just focus on my own personal growth & nourishment which i think, in the end, is most important of all!! i’ve been putting post-it notes on my wall to breathe and slow down which really help. i write in my journal in the mornin and try to do stretches or take a hot shower whenever i feel tense – these little things are my forms of self-nourishment, which i think i used to be REALLY bad at. but they really make a difference! i hope you have a wonderful and relaxing day =) breathe and smile a lot!

  15. I really gotta start reading this YUMMINESS in the evening!!! My compatriots here at the club are starting to notice the drool permanently flowing from the corner of my mouth!!! Another great start to my morning Lori!!!

  16. that wrap looks awesome!!! I definitely over analyze things, its my way of “being cautious” but then there are those times when I just go with instinct and roll with the punches

  17. You are DEFINITELY not alone in this! I overanalyze EVERYTHING, am definitely my own worst critic and definitely have some perfectionist tendencies. Eeek. Deep breathing works. Perspective works (ie: okay, I’m worrying about THIS and there are people out there with no home, no shoes, who haven’t eaten in a week? Get over yourself Sable!)

  18. I hate to play the girl card, but I think that most girls, ahem, women, are over-thinkers and over-analyzers. In the spirit of your post though, let’s say that we are “think-throughers”. As in, we don’t jump into things without thinking through all the options. That makes it sound better, no?

  19. Hey Lori! I found your blog through Carrie at Moves ‘N Munchies and thought I’d say hi! I adore your blog so far – beautiful photos and thoughts.
    Two ways I “skinny” my days are eating food that is good fuel for my body and also knowing when to say “no” to people and not overbook myself. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you have too much on your plate.

    Hope you have a lovely day!

  20. Don’t worry you are not alone! Your description of yourself is exactly how I would describe myself! I over analyze things, am my own worst critic, and on top of it all I, too, am a perfectionist! The funny thing is that before I even began reading your post I was deep breathing b/c I don’t breathe very often either!

  21. YES YES YES AMEN GIRL! i agree 100% i always have 1000000 thoughts running through my head aLL THE TIME.. the way i try to ‘slim down’ my thoughts is to STOP.. recognize it and tell myself.. LIVE IN THE NOW!

  22. interesting post…i am on the same page…woke up this morning and was thinking, “there is something wrong with me”…haha, talk about being mean to yourself…the first list describes me perfectly…i too need to figure things out and let things go…i need to skinnify my life!

    nice recipe, looks incredible and sounds so wholesome…

    have a beautiful skinny wednesday my lady!


  23. Im so so with you on this girl. I am a total perfectionist, and am also the hardest on myself. I dont know why we can’t give ourselves a break sometimes?!
    Those egg cups look so so good. I love how packed with nutrition they are! Mmmm I bet they would be amazing with salsa 🙂

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