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Yesterday’s post was a little heavy, sorry. But a lot of you could relate to how imperfect life can feel sometimes. Remembering that imperfection is the most amazing gift we can be given, helps me a little. 😉

And I want to announce the WordPress (platform of which this blog is created on) is fired. FIRED. I scheduled a yummy recipe to post this morning and nothing. And when I went in to post it, everything I had written up was gone. So. Angry.

Anyway… Instead, posting this early, we’re taking a break from serious talk and stupid computer issues, and getting a lesson in protein from Anna. She’s a girl with a passion for protein powder and she definitely has some incredible recipes to share!

Insert guest post from Anna from PROTEIN POW(D)ER ! 😉


Within what I thought was a week, I kept seeing bloggers making and posting their recipes for cauliflower pizza-bases. Originally, I believe the idea was born here but, really, it was taken to a whole new level by Erica here [both cauliflower pizza crusts!].

When I saw this, I was amazed! The world of pizza bases opened up and the possibilities were suddenly endless! Ah, pizza….

Lori asked me to do a guest post in her blog: a real honor since, as you all know, she packs one hell of an amazing punch with every post! Her recipes are all incredible and the pictures, ah! Seriously Lori, they make me want to eat the screen! Plus, she’s a real sweetie so, yes, an honor indeed – thank you again Lori 🙂

Back to the pizza. I thought about it for a few days and decided I wanted to try it with one of my favourite and much underrepresented veg (which happens to also be now in season – hoorah) the Jerusalem Artichoke: a wonderful source of thiamine, niacin, iron, and immense culinary gratification.

To make the pizza base higher in protein, and because I LOVE cooking with it, I made my base with pea protein. All in all, the base was made with:

  • 100g of liquid egg white
  • 100g of steamed jerusalem artichokes
  • 8g of pea protein
  • 6g of psyllium husk powder
  • 20g of quinoa flakes (because I seriously can’t get enough of it, as a replacement for regular grains like oats for say, pancakes or general protein-packed baked goods, the stuff is amazing)
  • That’s it

I threw that all in the blender with some fresh rosemary, fresh parsley, thyme, salt, pepper. In the oven it went.

Halfway through, I took it out and pressed it down (the egg tends to balloon up otherwise). Cooked it in the oven until it browned.

When ready, I layered it with tomato puree (straight out of the tube) sautéed mushrooms + garlic + red onion, sprinkled it with oregano, 25g of low fat cheese and my current addiction: nutritional yeast.

Threw it under the grill for a few and them BAM – finito! I ended up making one medium small pizza and one small small pizza (so really, the recipe makes one bigger medium pizza) which together = 412kcals, 34g protein, 47g carb, 11.2g fat, and a whooping 12.8g fibre!

I also added some before grilling Quorn but you can substitute that for a regular sliced whatever (pepperoni, salami, ham, etc). Bueno, that’s it! Feel free to play around with the recipe and hope you get inspired to make pizza bases out of all sorts of stuff too! Just take your favourite veg and turn it on its head! The possibilities are endless – just get out your apron and let yourself go a little bit crazy; great food combos are always just waiting to happen 🙂



Thanks, Anna!!! YOU are such a sweetie! I wanted to wait on posting this one simply because I wanted to make it too! And to be completely honest, I really just wanted to eat it as I read my own post… of hers… 😉 It sounds so good!

Happy Thursday, which feels like Friday, which should be Friday, which stands for the weekend, which needs to come quicker than it is. Anyone agree???

Get ready for Chocolate Zucchini Socca tomorrow! And don’t forget to make your Vegan Cookie Dough Ricotta to sandwich in between it. 😉

Mwah! Have a great day!


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  1. […] pizza bases. I made some Jerusalem Artichoke Protein Pizza as a guest post for Lori (check it out here) and have since experimented with different ideas (like my egg white pizza here and the goat […]

  2. Cauliflower pizza bases? Where? I really am intrigued now–sounds so good. Last year I had made a huge batch of cauliflower ‘rice’ and had leftovers that I turned into crackers, which worked great, so I guess it’s a similar idea.

    Sorry about the lost post: that happens more often than it should, and it’s funny how it makes you feel totally off by a day!

    I love pea protein powder too–it’s one of my favorites.
    Hope you’re feeling happier…

  3. I hate my computer too. No need to apologize for that.

    I just looked at my garden today and saw my jerusalem artichokes! I had completely forgotten about them.

  4. I’m with the other commenters! Your post was real and honest, not heavy!

    I am looking forward to tomorrow’s recipe!

  5. Absolutely no apology needed. Uh, it’s your blog. You can say whatever you please and we’ll all keep coming back. You’re awesome and honest and human and funny and humble and creative and strong. I love your blog! 🙂

    1. I was about to tell her to quit apologizing too. 😉 Seriously Lori… we love you!

  6. never apologize for your honesty! i really appreciated the fact that you shared your true feelings. i hope you’re feeling brighter today, lori. it’s almost the weekend :)!!!!

  7. that pizza recipe is fabulous…such creative minds!

    with respect to yesterday’s post i don’t think it was heavy at all…i thought it was real…and deep…and sometimes we need those two things in our lives…and i appreciated it!!!

    you keep teasing with the chocolate zucchini socca recipe…TEASE!

    have a beautiful day! =)

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