New Orleans & Paprika Spiced Steak & Baked Kabocha Stuffed Pita with Goat Cheese Spinach Sauce

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You do know what today is right? It’s Mardi Gras! Are you celebrating???

Nah, me either. sigh.

But that doesn’t mean I’m not remembering all the incredible food, the sights and sounds, and the beads from my trip to New Orleans. What a fun place.

Healthy… not at all.

Oyster topped with Parmesan cheese and grease, as you can see.

The most incredible, dreamy, sweet potato soup with a dollop of duck fat. Good lord, so GOOD.

Luscious cupcakes of red velvet and double chocolate.

Delicious… definitely.

Anyway, since we’re not there and therefore eating much healthier where we are, how about a recipe? Since we can’t be in the Big Easy, we can eat big and live easy, mmmk?

That Clean Eating Magazine knows their recipes. Thank goodness I know what I like and can add some kick to a solid base. 😉 Cross-breading their recipe for Steakhouse Wrap Panini from the March 2011 issue, with my flavor liking and at-home ingredients created a powerhouse pita wrap of hearty, tangy, savory nutrition. And it tasted like dinner Heaven in my mouth (I honestly really never know what I’m writing until after I hit post… but it was really really delicious).


The spinach sauce itself is naturally a neon green color and has an incredible flavor. The green onions give this sauce a kick, while the goat cheese mellows everything together. It’s super delicious, if I may brag.

I guess this post could be titled Easy Recipe, Big Flavors, but we’ll just stick with the first. Go make this now!

Happy Mardi Gras.

Have you ever participated in a community party/event like Mardi Gras? I have, only if every holiday while attending Chico State counts…

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  1. My husband and I made this for lunch today. I couldn’t find any kabocha, (horror of horrors I know!) so we used an acorn squash instead. We also used a venison tenderloin instead of steak. It was so delicious! Thank you!

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