Paleo Coconut Waffles. Toppings Required.

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It’s Friday. Wonderful, weekend-welcoming, Friday. The day after Thursday. The day before Saturday. The perfect day to workout. The perfect day to watch Fringe (yay!). The perfect day for healthy guilt-less waffles. Or at least a recipe for them.

I’ve made Paleo Waffles before… they were good. But these were better. Bonus points for the toppings, which are not only delicious, they’re required. There’s also a vegan option, because we all need choices in life sometimes.

Dedicated to Friday. Dedicated to workout fuel. Dedicated to Ernie, Coral, Chris, Chris, and whomever at my gym is reading. But probably not Nick since Nick wouldn’t ready silly blogs. Dedicated to waffles.






On Friday, what could possibly be better than gluten and dairy free, crispy waffles, warm, melty peanut butter, lovely berries of blue, and big savory diamonds of salt? …probably a day off from work, but that’s what the day after Friday is for.

What is your Friday dedicated to?

How do you get ready for the weekend?

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  1. I was so excited to try these and bought all the ingredients, but when I started mixing everything together it was obvious there was something wrong. The resulting batter was really dry – almost crumbly. I had to just about triple the amount of liquid to get to a semi-pourable waffle batter consistency. Also, while they looked just fine when I opened up the waffle iron lid, when I tried to take them out, even though they weren’t sticking, the waffles just crumbled into bits. I have no idea what went wrong here….I really wanted to like these 😐

  2. looks tasty, although I’d probably replace with almond butter as peanut butter is definitely not paleo!

  3. Oh my this looks so delicious and tempting! I know someone on the Paleo diet, so I’m going to pass your post on to her too 😀

    My Friday was dedicated to exercise, and in the evening relaxation 🙂

  4. Definitely going to make these. 🙂 How many servings did this make? I was thinking about cutting it in half to make one serving size for myself.

  5. Friday is getting caught up on everything that we did not get done and plan out the next week ahead 😉 And maybe get some extra sleep, haha

    Waffles look amazing!! I would love some right now!

  6. Oh girl you are onto something BIG!! I haven’t had waffles in so, so long:(
    I need to try the coconut flour that’s one flour I haven’t tried yet.
    Love that picture with the glorious fleur de sel in the waffle..mmm!!!

    Have an awesome weekend

  7. THIS LOOKS INSANE. I want a waffle maker so bad!!! oh my god! mmmmmmmmm! im so gonna make this tomorrow as a pancake 🙂 thank you lori! mmmmm

  8. I NEED a waffle maker. OMG. My birthday list is getting out of control…

    My Friday is dedicated to midterm stress! But that’s okay — I will be totally over it by next Friday! 😀

  9. Lori … you truly are the Devil!!! So I am sitting here at the gym … munching on carrots, string cheese, and apples and you post YUMMY looking Paleo Coconut Waffles!!! Ugh … Vodka Infused Fudge!!! WOW!!!

  10. oh yum. Ive said it before and Ill say it again…I seriously need a waffle maker. Im getting ready for the weekend by just trying to get better. Im almost there!! I woke up feeling not so drunk off meds, which is always a good sign right? 😉

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