Balsamic & Goat Cheese Brussel Sprouts

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Oh yeah… it’s Friday.

Kat from Keepin’ The Faith decided I was bootylicious enough to tag me for the Bootylicious Award that’s circulating… I swear it’s just ’cause I kicked her booty with the Dirty 30 workout… 😉


1. Post this award with the picture and name whoever tagged you in it
2. Do the STUFF
3. Award to 7 others (all of you!)


1. Name 3 things that are lying right next to you

Study material from a photography class I took on Tuesday
A buckwheat bake I just made and am snacking on.
Flowers from me, and flowers from my boyfriend.

2. Name 2 foods you cannot live without

  • Kabocha
  • Green Smoothies (does that count as one food?)

3. Name 1 thing you did today

One thing, heck, I could name a zillion. (we’ll go with yesterday since it’s waaaaay more impressive… I’m such an award cheater) I trained a client at 5 am, 6 am, and myself at 7 am. I downed a large mason jar of green smoothie. I worked all day (9-5), hit up Trader Joe’s, made dinner (that you get the recipe for today!), watched an hour of tv, read (some of the book above), and finally decided it was time for lights out.

Woooooh. Exhausted just recalling all of that.

Recipe, anyone?

Now, these are not the best pictures in the world (I was too hungry to care at the time), but I guarantee that the sweet, savory, creamy and crunchy flavor speaks for itself.

Balsamic & Goat Cheese Brussel Sprouts

[out of control delicious]

  • 3 cups (any amount, really) brussel sprouts, washed and quartered (or halved if using smaller b. sprouts)
  • 1/2 sweet white onion, roughly chopped
  • 1-2 tsp olive oil, as needed for pan
  • 3 tbsp goat cheese
  • 1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
  • 3 tbsp tangerine or orange juice (some type of sweeter citrus works)
  • salt and pepper to taste

In a medium bowl, combine the goat cheese, balsamic vinegar, and tangerine/orange juice. Set aside.

On medium-high heat, sautee onions in olive oil until slightly translucent and softened, about 5 minutes. Add in the quartered brussel sprouts and continue to cook until the sprouts become bright green and, again, slightly softened, 5-10 minutes. Remove from heat and add into the balsamic-cheese mixture. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve.

It’s Friday! Don’t you worry, I’ve got you covered for the weekend… you know, when you’re looking for a workout to do. 😉

You didn’t think you’d get away without some sweat recommendation, did you? Now, it won’t be 30 burpees but it is a great workout.


“What Goes Up, Must Come Down” Workout

Instructions: Go through each move starting at 1- working up to 10- then back down (like a pyramid).

Air squats (regular squats- no weight)
Regular or Incline push ups (no knees- we’re talking real push-ups, just inclined to make them more doable, if needed)
Sit ups holding something heavy (a weight of some kind)


1 squat
1 push up
1 weighted sit up
2 squats
2 push ups
2 sit ups
3 squats
…and so on until you get to 10.

Rest 2-3 minutes

10 squats
10 push ups
10 sit ups
9 squats
…all the way back down to 1 of each

Got it? GO!

That’s it.

Tell me what you think. If you’re feeling a little competitive, time yourself. Come back and tell me your time and I’ll post mine after I do this workout too. 😉

A little friendly competition never hurt anyone, right…?

No, no, we don’t play like that here. Only niceness and kittens and sunshine. Maybe some rainbows.

You’re Bootylicious too! I’m giving you with the honor of accepting this award…

What three things lying next to you right now?

What are two foods you cannot live without?

What is one thing you accomplished today?!

Hardest question: Are you happy it’s Friday…?

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  1. oh what a great recipe! love that you cannot live without kombucha and green smoothies-YUM!

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