Banana Smashed Cheesecaked French Toast

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Wednesday! We have reached the midway point of no return. Before we embark on the recipe unknown, I have two fun photos to share…. of me. 😉

That’s right. I’m now trainer Lori… with tiny guns…

Ok, I’m done playing now.

Moving on to the food…

Often, on the weekends, when I make myself a yummy healthy breakfast, it’s way before my boyfriend wakes up (lazy bum!). And by the time he rises, my food is gone but opposite my (gluten-dairy-sugar-free-healthy) dish awaits his version.

He the original french toast. Sourdough bread, egg, milk, vanilla extract, and a dash of salt, cooked and then maple syruped.

Have I mentioned that I make stellar unhealthyish foods? I do. I just don’t eat them… but someone has to!

Sascha, here is proof that I do make you food… “Real food” as he calls it. I know other bloggers out there know what I’m talking about.

But before he wakes up, when the house is quiet, the sun is rising, and my tummy is growling, I remove the gluten, the dairy, the unhealthiness, the sugar (ok, some of it), and the boring recipes. I go with the flow and savor my creations. Some, not to so successful… some pleasantly surpassing my expectations.

Banana Smashed Cheesecaked French Toast

  • 2 pieces of Udi’s Gluten Free Bread (or bread of choice)
  • 2 eggs (or 2 flax eggs of 2 tbsp ground flax seed mixed with 6 tbsp hot water)
  • 2 tbsp almond milk
  • 1 tbsp nutritional yeast
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 small ‘n ripe banana

With a fork, place half of the banana on each slice of bread. Smash into bread.

With the fork, whisk the remaining ingredients in a dish large enough to place both pieces of bread in. Place both pieces of bread in the dish ( 😉 ), banana side up. Let the bread soak up some of the egg mixture, then flip onto the banana side, repeat as necessary to cover the entire surface of the bread slices.

In a heated and greased pan, cook both pieces of bread for about 5 minutes on each side. And then top them…

I worked with some frozen strawberries, maple syrup, and raw cacao nibs for an extra crunch.

These cheesecaked toasts, French-style, did much more than hit the spot. Crisp, sweet, slightly savory (from the nutritional yeast), and covered in sweet syrup and crunch.

If you look in the distance…

You can greet the sun. I barely had light for my “photo shoot”…

And then it was love at first bite.

What would you top your Banana Smashed Cheesecaked French Toast with?

I know you’re like me, you make yourself a healthified version of something (while the original still gets made for your “real food” eater… what is it?

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  1. oh my god. i am so hungry right now. and then i saw this *stomach eats self* YUMYUM

  2. I love all the recipes you post and experiment with but have to vent my pet peeve when reading all the comments (not only this post but in general):Proper traditional food is NOT unhealthy if prepared with fresh ingredients and consumed in reasonable portions and accompanied by a healthy exercise routine, be it just walking instead of taking the car everywhere.Especially children NEED all the fats, carbs, etc. to grow up healthy without being allergic to just about every food group. I cook or in some cases non-cook many different things to find new flavors, textures and food experiences, even in my advanced age but let’s not toss the baby out with the bathwater and go off the deep end 🙂 Keep the interesting food combos coming, I already picked a few that are now staples at my dinner table.

  3. I’d top it with caramel or peanut butter! Wow, I really need to buy a real camera…

    So are a certified trainer? If so, through what organization?

  4. Love the trainer shirt, totally you! This french toast looks awesome, you rock! I’d top it with Sun Warrior protein frosting I think.

  5. Lori wow!!! Love the trainer shirt love your guns, and love the french toast!! Love the addition of adding in nutritional yeast. And yes I totally get you on ‘give me real food’ haha guys sometimes just don’t get it! I personally love the healthy stuff over so much more flavor and texture in my opinion! 🙂

  6. OHHHH my gosh these look awesome! I love that you put nooch in there- yumm!
    LOVE that shirt- your guns are lookin GOOD girl!!

  7. I LOVE your shirt! I have to find one for myself now 🙂 And have to try the toast vegan style. They look SOOO good.

  8. Ah, this looks so good! Love the shirt! Udi’s bread sounds amazing, I’m trying to eat less gluten.

  9. I make _everything_ ‘unhealthified’–sourdough bread, sometimes bacon and eggs, clam chowder, sausages, mashed potatoes…Lots of those things don’t even have a me-friendly equivalent, but I am the smoothie queen…

  10. Nice SHIRT! I’d wear it all the time just to pump my ego haha. I absolutely adore french toast but have never tried to add banana on top. You can see the ooey gooeiness! yum 😐

  11. Ahhhh this looks amazing!! I would probably top mine with pecan butter! I’m so addicted!
    Side note…I awarded you the one lovely blog award in my last post because I looooveee your blog 😀

  12. Holy balls woman!! You can do no wrong in my eyes. Oh, and Trainer Lori sure does have a nice ring to it! 😉

  13. Yum!!! That looks so good! I love how you can eat breakfast outside and there’s a bit of light. I want to live where you do!!! Indiana sucks! 🙁

    Nooch on the French toast is a good idea. 🙂 I will have to try that. Oh, and I forget…are you celiac?? Or does nixing the gluten just make you feel better?

  14. look at you with your Two Tickets To The Gun Show!! 😉 arms are my favorite to work out, and yours look fab, girl!! 🙂

    so does this breakfast… and I love the sun peeking out!

  15. i can totally relate. in the morning i make two smoothies, one with spinach for me and one with out for art. he recently admitted he can’t actually taste the spinach but the green color weirds him out.

    the ft looks awesome! udi’s has the best gluten free bread. i must try this!

  16. oh that looks so good! i’d totally top it w/ tahini (nice & creamy & i love how it sticks to the top of my mouth!) w/ a sprinkle of sea salt. YUM!

  17. I actually don’t make the “real version” very often, since its just me at home. But when I make for other people, then I do! I’m all about the cookies, in that case.

    Banana french toast looks great, and I am super impressed that you get up early enough to make that AND do a photo shoot. That wouldn’t fly around here.

  18. You look great!! 🙂

    I definitely make a ‘real version’ and a for-me version of some foods 😉 Case in point: Max gets to maintain on 3,300 cals a day so he gets to eat real muffins. I make myself protein muffins. haha!

    This French Toast sounds sssoooooo good!!

  19. You look badass girl! Id totally pick you as my trainer 🙂
    And I dont know what your talkning about, your french toast looks MUCH better than mine!! So yummy!! I love that you added nooch to it. Super creative girl!

  20. Obviously, that photo of your “tiny guns” doesn’t do you justice!!! You got guns girl!!! Anyone who has seen you in the gym knows you got guns!!! Would love to do that yummy looking “dessert” (I mean breakfast) with a sprinkling of Cyto-Sport chocolate protein powder! Damn … Got me drooooooling again!!
    Great Job!!

  21. you need to be a personal chef as well as a trainer. You got the whole package girl!

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