Pumpkin Zucchini Bread

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This was a popular item from Wednesday’s What I Should Eat Wednesday post. I guess I’ll stop with the teasing.

In a minute…

But first, some there are some things I would like to address.

It’s F R I D A Y ! ! !

And you know what tomorrow brings, right???

Me on a plane headed to Arizona!!!! Waaaaahooooooo!

Oh yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes to days off and relaxation on.

Also, I’m really feeling the need to share with you that I just finished a book that came highly recommended by Katie. The Hunger Games. Oh. My. GAWD. Read it. Just do it. So good.

Alright, back to the gluten and dairy-free Pumpkin Zucchini Bread.

This creation is adapted from some amazing person who posted a slightly similar recipe. It was requested and made special for a newly engaged (as of Tuesday!!!) friend, Caitlin (different from the Katie mentioned above though). Congrats!!!! I hope you like the bread, Katie! Yeah, she gets to taste it.



There’s only one problem. I can’t find the recipe I printed and used. Fail.

I have looked everywhere I can think and still, no luck. But when I find the recipe, I’ll definitely update this post (and let you know). But for now, this incredible bread included coconut and oat flours, pumpkin puree, shredded zucchini, raisins, dates, NuNaturals Baking Blend and a tad bit of honey. I really wish I had the recipe for you.

I can assure you it was delicious, moisty (hehe), and low in fat and sugar. It was also gluten free, dairy free, and almost Paleo approved.

Forgive me on this Friday… and soon, I swear, I’ll find the recipe to share.

Do you have lose recipes after you make them?

Do you actually write down recipes as your making them or do you slightly “wing-it” when it comes to posting them…?

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  1. I read the hunger games too and loved it! I read all 3 books eventually lol. This bread looks/sounds soooo yummy! I hope you find the recipe because the bread just looks sooo moist haha.

  2. What’s in Arizona? And those bars look great! Are you paleo? I’m contemplating it…

    My little sister just read the Hunger Games (can’t remember how I found that out lol). At first I was really against it though, because she, like I, struggles with an eating disorder, and the name of that book is very misleading! I thought it was like a an eating disorder book ha

  3. I hope you find the recipe to share! I’m always tweaking recipes, and I’ve got a total spazz brain, so I always write stuff down. I should really use something other than post-it notes, though 🙂 But that’s what I have in the kitchen!

    Have so much fun in AZ!!!

  4. I was addicted to the hunger games this winter…so good.

    I think I’ll also be addicted to pumpkin zucchini bread soon. LOVE the ingredients. Can’t wait for the recipe.

    In terms of recipe posts, I do a bit of both. For complicated recipes, I write down amounts as I go, but for simpler meals, I’m usually able to just wing-it and remember what I create when posting.

  5. I used to lose them all the time. So then… I came up with a system:
    1) create recipe and email it to myself: both at work and at home
    2) print off the recipe and place it in my recipe binder
    3) keep recipe in my binder while I’m cooking, even if I WANT TO TAKE IT OUT!
    4) keep binder in the closet at all times

    Fool proof I tell ya

    1. Now if only I could be as organized as you… with all my thousands of recipes all over the place- in books, in folders, around the house… lol

  6. omg, i ALWAYS lose recipes. haha i sometimes forget to write them down, im always changing them as i go, and i hoard recipes so i cant differentiate between them… i feel ya on that one. i hope you find the recipe to this soon though!!! too good to lose!

  7. *please Kale … let there be zucchini bread involved in my evening … * So STOKED to send you off to my favorite state!!!

  8. It looks a little like zucchini bread I made ages ago! But it isnt because mine had carrots in it!
    I made my recipe for your guest post last night! I just gotta type it all out etc!

  9. what a tease! I want a piece!! So cant wait for that recipe. Im making those salmon cakes of yours tonight for din. Cant wait!

    I actually wing most of my recipes. I usually make it once, then if its baking i’ll remake it and try to write it down so I can post it correctly. But man…if its just for me I just throw it all in a pan and hope for the best. Usually it turns out surprisingly well. I just grew up never using recipes. My mom just cooked off the top of her head and thats how I learned. Even baking, its just a few ratios to learn then you are set. So it takes some getting used to to write it all down. But I try!

    I hope you have an amazing time in AZ!!! Kick back and relax girl!

  10. This looks delicious!! And I happen to have all the ingredients….but no time to make it. Sigh. I guess its a good thing you can’t find the recipe or I’d procrastinate more.

    Can’t wait to see you!

    OH! I am so glad you liked the HUnger Games. Isn’t it seriously the best? Wait till you read teh next ones, too. I’m thinking about re-reading them again. They are making the first one into a movie right now too.

  11. i LOVED the hunger games! i totally imagined i was katniss to help me power through hard days while hiking machu piccu! 🙂 damn i want to know that bread recipe now! usually i write/tweak recipes & then create them. that way i know the macro profile so that i can get it right. 🙂
    you’re going to have so much fun on your trip! 🙂

  12. It looks so thick and amazing! I totally write down recipes and keep them in my planner, but I always forget to write where I got them from!

  13. I have such a problem with throwing things into my bowl and mixing them up, then forgetting how much I used. So I guess. And cross my fingers.

    Safe & happy travels! I am very jealous haha I want to go to a warmer climate darn it!! 🙂

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