Bloggers Loose in Boulder. And Bacon.

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The Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference is done and I’m back in California. I learned an immense amount of information and have a new found motivation for helping others. With speakers talking about everything from Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, book creation, motivation, branding, farting while running (what?!)… and no more bacon, there’s a lot of great things coming up on What Runs Lori. Aside from the bacon, I promise you, it’s all G rated.

Here’s a recap of what ran Lori.


There was hiking.

Samples, samples, and more samples.

There were fresh fruits and veggies.

A huge farmers market. Including tons of brands that originated in Boulder, Co. Two Mom’s in the Raw and Udi‘s. My favorites!

Coconut Milk Caramels.

And new friends.

Alisa, Katie, Me, Theodora, and Anne (picture from Anne)

…And a little more fun.

Heather, Sarah, Katie, Alisa, Me

And Bacon.

There just happened to be No More Bacon, too.

Guy With Cool Shirt, I sure enjoy the logo.

Thank you, Krazy Kris for the beverages. They were savored slowly(ish).

Thank you everyone for a wonderful learning experience.

When you’re set loose in a new place, what do you do?

In this new town, I took advantage of the sights, scenery, hiking, shopping, and blogging information I was given. Boulder, I’ll be back.


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