Bloggers Loose in Boulder. And Bacon.

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The Fitness & Health Bloggers Conference is done and I’m back in California. I learned an immense amount of information and have a new found motivation for helping others. With speakers talking about everything from Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, book creation, motivation, branding, farting while running (what?!)… and no more bacon, there’s a lot of great things coming up on What Runs Lori. Aside from the bacon, I promise you, it’s all G rated.

Here’s a recap of what ran Lori.


There was hiking.

Samples, samples, and more samples.

There were fresh fruits and veggies.

A huge farmers market. Including tons of brands that originated in Boulder, Co. Two Mom’s in the Raw and Udi‘s. My favorites!

Coconut Milk Caramels.

And new friends.

Alisa, Katie, Me, Theodora, and Anne (picture from Anne)

…And a little more fun.

Heather, Sarah, Katie, Alisa, Me

And Bacon.

There just happened to be No More Bacon, too.

Guy With Cool Shirt, I sure enjoy the logo.

Thank you, Krazy Kris for the beverages. They were savored slowly(ish).

Thank you everyone for a wonderful learning experience.

When you’re set loose in a new place, what do you do?

In this new town, I took advantage of the sights, scenery, hiking, shopping, and blogging information I was given. Boulder, I’ll be back.


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  1. […] I think it all started with the Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival. Meeting all those Food Network Stars was just too fun. Then there was Arizona part of a vacation with my family to Sedona. The last part of that trip I was picked up by Kelly and Katie to hike the Grand Canyon. There was Napa with Anne where wine tasting met cupcake tasting. Boulder, Colorado was awesome. I learned so much from the Fitness and Health Bloggers Conference. […]

  2. THANKS so much for the shout out and the SIP & WINE pix! Gosh I didn’t put it together – but we’re Cali girls – duh… I don’t always connect the dots!
    Are you going to #fitbloggin local next weekend?
    Oh please say yes!
    Thanks again!

  3. Hi Lori, it was good to briefly meet you this weekend. Had I known there was another Crossfitter at the conference I would’ve brought you along on my excursion to CF Roots. I got the “Bacon is Rad” shirt from Balanced Bites ( She’s a paleo blogger and holistic health coach in San Francisco.

  4. i love to just wander around and get to know the real town. i talk to the cab drivers and local store owners and then take their recommendations. locals always know best!

  5. I’ve never been to CO but you sure make it look attractive. Glad you had such a positive time there–what an awesome opportunity.

  6. yay! You’re back! Looks like a fabulously amazing time and I’m SO glad you got the opportunity to go… 😀

  7. LOVE your dress! This looks like it was a fabulous time 🙂 And I haven’t been to CO in sooooo long! It looks amazing 🙂

  8. A couple of super brief snippet-style comments to make up one legit comment 🙂

    Love me some Udi’s.
    Loved me some Boulder.
    Bacon IS rad. (The guy in the photo is Larry
    When set loose I actually try and stay away from the touristy stuff. I like to hang with the locals and take the whole “when in Rome” approach.

    You were so ridiculously nice and super RAD (hello 80’s)

    I was bummed we didn’t get to goodbye either. In hindsight I really should have just hung out until your bag was checked. Next time 😉

    What a great weekend!

  9. I absolutely love Boulder! I would have definitely taken advantage of the hiking! I know my sister lives close to boulder and thats one of my favorite things! I would have also loved to have met all kinds of new people!

  10. SO jealous!! Of everything – the hiking, the samples, that t-shirt, hanging out and meeting new people. You’re so lucky!!

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