Crockpot BBQ Cola Pulled Pork

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It’s totally Tuesday and a refreshing new day of the week. I can honestly tell you, I feel wonderful today. I hope you do too.

While I was at home this past week, I tried a few new recipes, sodium free, as my dad’s doctor ordered. The dishes I made came out tasting terrific, salt free, and still loaded with flavor.

One dish in particular was made on a whim. Is scouring the refrigerator at your parents’ house like hunting for zebras? Food, like zebras in California (or most places), are extremely scarce in my parent’s fridge.

Zebras….? Yeah, I don’t know where that comparison came from, just roll with it.


So, after assessing the food situation, combining some key ingredients in the crockpot, and leaving the kitchen, all day!, the slow-cooker did all the hard work for me.


And the key ingredient, you guessed it, Cola. Zero calorie, zero sugar, Stevia-sweetened cola. Love it.

This recipe is totally customizable, too. You can add in anything, or take away anything, you like or don’t. It’s reduced sodium, full of healthy protein, low in fat, and Paleo.


Crockpot BBQ Cola Pulled Pork

[so easy, you have no excuse not to make it]

  • 4 large pork chops/loins/or really any kind of meat
  • 1/4 cup barbeque sauce
  • 1 12-oz can Stevia-sweetened cola (or diet)
  • 1 small can green chilies
  • 1 large onion (white or red), roughly diced
  • 4 garlic cloves, roughly chopped
  • spices of choice: paprika, cumin, cayenne pepper, black pepper

Combine all ingredients into a crockpot/slow cooker. Set cooker to high and let cook for 6 hours or more, stirring occasionally. It’s done when meat falls apart easily when poked with a fork. 🙂

This dish is easy, emphasis on the EASY.

If desired, make a pulled pork sandwich, eat from a bowl, or place into cabbage leaves for fun wraps. Top with optional jalapenos and enjoy.

The best part is leftovers… pulled pork sauteed in the morning with eggs. Delicious!

Do your parents have a wide selection of foods on hand at all times or are you searching through the barren desert?

Do you like leftovers? Which are your favorites?

Happy Tuesday! Promise me you’ll make it a good one!


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  1. Made this for last night, and just had to pop back over and say that YOU are single-handedly responsible for me lifting my self-imposed ban on Pulled Pork. I moved from a place where BBQ was a verb to one where BBQ is a food group, and have resented that minor difference for the past 5 years. Well, no more!

    In other words – not only did I make this, but both my BBQ-as-a-food-group-native husband and I LOVED it! Delicious!


  2. I actually like leftovers, sometimes they are better the next day! And I really like the idea of cola in the pork, I’ve used cola in cake before with great success.

  3. I have done this before with chicken but not with pork! Nice Lori!

    I love to go grocery shopping in my mom’s house! ha! She always has amazing food (she is a whole foods and central market shopper) and she is super great about letting me take whatever I want when I come over!!

  4. Great recipe! I like the idea of the soda in there- a Dr. Pepper would be soo good!

    And if it’s paleo, it doesn’t need to be low fat does it?

  5. My mom is soo good at stocking the food when I come home. I love that you used cabbage leaves! My family would LOVE this!

  6. I think pulled pork is my favorite dinner right now. Brilliant to use the Zevia to keep the sugar down. I’m thinking that might tame some of the funky flavor, you know what I mean? I like it an all, but it’s different!

  7. These sounds soooo good and are beautiful!!

    Sorry to hear about your dad, I hope he’s doing better!

  8. Sweet recipe!! How do you like the taste of Zevia as a drink? I’ve never tried it – just curious.
    I feel like my parents either have tons of food of barely any at all…or I just don’t really notice when there is just enough.

  9. bahahahaha zebra! =) What an awesome recipe to pull out of your… um… tail? 😉 love it!

  10. yum looks awesome! i love pulled pork anything! this looks super easy too which is always good!

  11. I would never have thought to add cola to a crock pot, but I bet it was great. Your family is lucky to have such a health centered cook around that can ALSO make delicious meals!

  12. This reminds me of one of my “Southern favorites”: Coca-Cola Chicken. I’ve never thought about using it with pork, though…inspiration!

  13. I need to pass this recipe on to my hubby. Yum.

    I used to kind of hate leftovers, but now I dig them, particularly with soups and chili because the flavor really comes to life.

  14. Pizza and pasta are my favorite leftovers but I do love cold pulled chicken as well!

  15. So awesome girl. What a healthy way to start your dad off right 🙂
    My parents are horrid when it comes to nutrition. White bread, pasta and rice, too many ding dongs and cookies to count, and lots of candy dishes. It is seriously a nightmare for me when I stay over!!

  16. So many great colors in your photos, looks delicious! My parents usually don’t have much now that all the kids are gone… Hope your dad is doing well, and I’m happy you’re feeling wonderful!!

  17. HA! My parents’ refrigerator is a barren wasteland where veggies go to die. I see it as my mission to save them from certain death, but there is only so much iceberg lettuce and white (dry) carrots I can eat.

  18. salt free is a challenge, especially since most of us have such a craving for it! Great work on removing it for your dad and still having a flavorful dish!

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