A Full-Body Workout

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Here’s a workout I’m loving, my clients are loving, and you’re going to love. I promise. Just as soon as you’re done cursing my name you’ll love this workout. It should take about 45 minutes to complete and you will need some gym equipment for this one. Each exercise should be done with either your body weight or an added weight that makes you work for the last few reps. Don’t sell yourself short with a workout, always push beyond your comfort level. Make it count!


After a hard workout I always refuel my muscles, mind, and body with protein and carbs. My favorite recovery dish is a green smoothie. Thick, lucious, green, and topped with Love Grown Foods Granola.

I know you’re just dying to get this workout in so I’ll sum up this post with a good luck, have fun, and recovery recipe tomorrow!

What are your 3 favorite workout moves?
What is your favorite recovery meal/food?
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  1. my faaaaavorite recovery meal (meal in general) is roasted kabocha and a protein smoothie in a bowl.
    well, i could eat kabocha for every meal, so it’s really not a fair contest 🙂

  2. Awesome workout, I’m tired just reading it!

    3 fav exercises for me.. deadlifts, db shoulder presses, and bulgarian split squats!

  3. awesome workout, like usual! i love (well hate, but love bc they’re effective) squat jumps, lunge jumps, single leg deadlifts, and swiss ball passes-arm to leg (im not sure the technical name of these)

    i love having protein shakes after workouts!

  4. Hum…my 3 favorite exercise moves? I think they change but right now I am loving 1) TRX Mountain Climbers 2) Tire Flips (those count right?) and 3) high box step ups with heavy weights!

  5. I love this workout! Looks great! My 3 top moves are burpees (for sure my #1 go to move, they are amazing….especially on the TRX with 1-leg!), Planks, and Kettle Bell Swings!

  6. wanna just come to VB and make me do this in person? 🙂 thanks. seeya then.

  7. hhmm its hard to pick some favs…I think right now its deadlifts, weighted reverse lunges and barbell hip thrusts. Love those excercises!

  8. Ahh this is a fabulous workout! Routines like this are my favorite- so tough but they produce the best results
    My favorite recovery meal is a big bowl of cereal, full of necessary and delicious ingredients for recovery 🙂

  9. Hey girl!! Hope life is treating you well!
    love the workout and will definitely give it a go:)

    My three fave workout moves are bulgarian split sqaut (1 1/2 rep style!!), renegade rows, and upright barbell rows!
    My fave immediate recovery fuel is coconut water or Brendan Brazier’s recovery drink. Then it’s VOO when I workout in the morning or eggs and lots of greens when I workout at night!

    Have a great day:)

  10. I can’t pick my three favorites, it really depends on my mood. I’ve been into upper body lately, so push ups, upright rows, and curls are great.

    I chow on hard boiled eggs after lifting….straight up protein!

  11. Favorite recovery meal is some time of smoothie with lots of greens!!! We used to have a veggie juice afterwards but now we like our smoothies afterwards 😉 Favorite workout moves are push-ups, backward lunges, and mountain climbers!

  12. This workout looks great! I suppose i won’t think it’s great when i’m doing it but i can’t wait to try it! My favourite exercises are always changing, but at the moment i’d say front squat, hang clean, and glute bridge.

  13. I love big smoothies for recovery, they always seem to hit the spot 🙂
    This workout is crazy cool, thanks for sharing! My three favorite moves are probably upright rows, deadlifts, and prone curls.

  14. thats totally my favorite recovery meal, the greener the better, right? Now about this workout…ouch! Love it!

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