Compounds & Tabatas (one full workout + a video!)

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Tomorrow I’m finally posting the information on what it’s like to be a personal trainer! It’s been a slight challenge to write because there are so many aspects to touch on. So, I’m excited to share that information with you.

Today I have a workout for you. This is the same workout I’m having a few of my clients do today and it’s a good one. This is a full-body workout, it takes about an hour to complete, and it’s a metabolism booster!


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Compounds & Tabatas

Perform set 1 three times through for the prescribed number of repetitions. Then move onto the next set.

  • set 1
  • Squat to dumbbell press X15
  • Incline push-ups (or regular push-ups) to burpee X15
  • Plank hold (on elbows) 30 seconds hold, 5 seconds rest X5
  • set 2
  • Plate stair walk (hold a weighed plate above your head, arms straight, and walk up a set of stairs, skipping every other step- Keep your abs engaged the entire time!) X15
  • Chin-up holds (jump to a chin-up or pull-up position and hold as long as possible, slowly releasing down to a hang) X8 – 10
  • Lunge and hold 3 count (lunge with your right leg back, pulse to a 3 count then come back to standing position. Alternate legs with each lunge) X15 each leg
  • set 3
  • Squat and row (position a cable slightly lower than chest level, add weight to the machine and pull the cable out and into your body. Take a squatting position with resistance in the cable- do 15 rows into your body) X15
  • Mountain climbers X15
  • Side plank 1 minute each side
  • set 4: Tabatas
  • 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest (X8 – total of 4 minutes) of:
  • kettle bell swings, two hands on bell
  • option to add or sub in air squats

Drink lots of water, grab some good carbs and protein, and rest! This is a great workout but you have to recover properly to get it’s full benefits.

Done with that workout? Looking for something more…?


If you have any questions about any of the moves or about this workout… or any questions about workouts in general, leave a comment below and I’ll try my best to answer them!


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    relatively inexpensive. Flaxseed is a good choice.
    Indulging in a warm bubble bath, listening to music and playing your favourite sport are also
    good ways of beating stress.

  2. Squatting down is important not only because you
    do not have to pull the bar as high, but also because you ease some of the strain
    on your joints by using the strength of your legs to absorb some of the force.

    If it provides far more than a small, you really
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  3. i have a serious love hate relationship with pistols…i can only do five haha working on more

    loved the video!! workout sounds great, might have to give it a try

  4. This is SOOOOOOO a Sonjia workout – have you been conspiring with her? LOVE THESE! today we did stairs with press, wall ball, single leg lunge + curl, etc etc. Everything is compound compound – LOVE THEM!

  5. Ok so not only are you making me do burpess, but you want me to throw a pushup in there too? Good lord lady are you TRYING to murder me? 😉
    Totally rockin workout girl. You KNOW I will be giving this one a go! And I LOVE finishing my weight sesh off with tabata sessions!!

    1. Hi Sharelle! Great question-

      A deadlift into a bent over row would work perfect! You could even just do the bent over rows- but the deadlift added in will make it a bit more challenging- really boosting your metabolism!

      Thanks! I hope you try the workout!

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