Paleo Breakfast Bake

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The morning of the hike in Yosemite my sister, cousin, and I woke up at 1:30 am (yes, we actually did sleep a few hours before we left to hike that early), left her house at 2:00 am, and got to the trail head and were hiking at 4:40 am. After hiking all day we finished our hike at about 3:30 pm, grabbed food and got back to my cousin’s house after 9:00 pm.

That was a FULL day of life. Needless to say, we were exhausted and I proceeded to pass out the second my head hit that pillow.

I wake up early anyway, no matter what, all the time, and the next morning I rose at 6:30 am. Slightly rested, pretty thirsty, slightly hungry, and feining coffee, I made my way into the kitchen. After approximately 30 minutes of trying to figure out her coffee machine (stupid fancy kitchen equipment) I had a steaming up ‘O Joe in my hands and the perfect after-hike recipe to make for breakfast.

That is how my morning proceeded and after another hour, breakfast was mine. Protein-rich, flavorful, Paleo breakfast for replenishing a body after a long day and short night [sleep].

Couldn’t be any easier, could it? Well, except you do have to chop a few things… and figure out how to work those all-in-one grind and roast coffee makers. Ug, not a fan.

How do you refuel after some intense exercise?
Coffee fans? Any embarrassing stories about not succeeding in making coffee? Seriously, how did I live all these years and still not be able to successfully conquer a machine?!
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  1. Thanks for a great recipe! I can even wrap and freeze these for fast breakfasts. I added sweet peppers and reduced salt and pepper. (Way too salty!)

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