Paleo Pumpkin Swirl Banana Bread

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I’ve been trying to incorporate a more Paleo-esque way of eating lately, with much success. That is, if you don’t count my Love Grown Foods Granola handfuls here and there.

I’m not perfect, won’t try to pretend I’m perfect, nor will I lie that I think I’m even close, but I do like taking out most grains, legumes, and dairy from my diet. I feel better, I’m less bloated, hold less water (that’s the same as less bloated..?), and I just feel lighter. Odd that I feel lighter, since I have been eating so much meat…

Anyway, I’ve also been playing around with Paleo recipes, baking tons of stuff (yes, not quite a caveman approach, but I can’t take the baker out of me, even when trying Paleo). I do love baking.

With getting back into CrossFit recently, I feel it’s only fitting that I throw some emphasis on the Paleo way of eating, if only trying out some fabulously easy and delicious recipes.

For example, take this recipe by Banana bread without the flour, grains, sugar? Sign me up! And while we’re signing me up, give me a slice or two to hold me over while mine finishes baking.


Slice into as many servings as you wish and serve. In complete honesty, I ate a good 1/3 of the loaf before I even got it cooled. It’s that good.

Most of the time I make a recipe there are slight changes I can see for the next baking round. But with this recipe, I found no variation that would make it any more rich and moist. This, dare I say, could be better than original banana bread. I loved it. I know you will, too.

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  1. Help, I made this bread and it tasted wonderful but it did not hold together. I followed the recipe… any suggestions?

  2. […] 4. Paleo Pumpkin Swirl Banana Bread This is either a banana bread that thinks it’s a pumpkin bread, or vice versa. We had to include it here because it just looked too good to pass up, and the pumpkin swirl is what steals the show. Almond butter, coconut, bananas and pureed pumpkin all go together great, and unsweetened cocoa powder adds a nice chocolate taste that you’ll probably end up craving. The good thing is that you can satisfy your craving without feeling guilty, heavy, or like you blew your entire diet with one piece of bread. On Paleo you can eat foods like this and not feel like you’re cheating as long as you don’t make a meal out of it. […]

  3. Is there a nutritional break down for this recipe? It looks amazing but would like to know what I’m eating before I potentially eat the entire loaf 🙂

  4. This is delicious! Made mine withe butternut squash purée. My kids could not get enough of it.

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