Raw Paleo Pad Thai (sauce, “pasta”, and hummus)

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I’ve been going easy on the grains lately. Mostly because I’m trying to follow the Body By Design program (which I’ll talk about tomorrow), but also because I’ve been putting on just a wee bit of weight. Not that I care what I weigh, really. I don’t. In fact, I honestly have no idea how much I weigh. I do, however, care how my clothes fit and recently they’re just a little too snug for comfort.

Back to the lower grain intake… I’m keeping an eye on how many carbs I consume, and cookies I eat, healthy or not, all those bites of cookies do add up. For the most part, I eat pretty much a Paleo-based dietconsuming LOW grains and legumes, low starchy vegetables, lots of fresh vegetables, and good sources of protein.

Lately, I’ve been making meals light, veggie-filled, and lower in carbohydrates. When taking away carbs, I add in higher amounts of protein, fat, and of course, flavor. Mind you, protein, fat, and carbohydrates are NOT the enemy. You need all of them to live and thrive.

Besides being a fan of Paleo, I love the raw/vegan lifestyle. Especially during the summer when garden foods are readily abundant. So many wonderful vegetables and fruits at my disposal. And so many wonderful recipes that are just screaming to be made!

Take my meal last night. Rich, creamy, loaded with protein, healthy fats, and bursting with flavor, flavor, flavor. Not to mention, it’s pasta without the carbs. Colorful, too!



Wait, wait! That’s not all!

Did I mention I doubled the sauce recipe?

Oh yes. I did. And who would have though turning it into a hummus was a brilliant idea? Yeah… I did that too.



So, had enough Thai yet? Nooooo…. just try it, you’ll never forget the flavors of this sauce (or hummus)! I promise.

Any Thai foods you like? Any you’d like to see made healthy? Pass them along!


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  1. Delicious! i added some quinoa for some added protein/fiber. delicious! keep ’em comin! i’ll keep tryin ’em!

  2. My diet gets closer and closer to paleo as the days go by! I love it! I dont know if Ill ever be full blown, but thats okay with me 🙂 for now :))

  3. Just bookmarked this – it looks like something I would love! Do you have a spiralizer? I’m thinking about getting one, but don’t know which one to get. For now, I make veggie peeler noodles like you did in this dish.

  4. That is sooo yummy! Can’t wait to eat and have my stomach fed on it! the photos are stunning and i would love my mom to create those for me as i am not good in cooking. aside from the fact that it looks so delicious, i think that it is very much healthy and nutritional that’s why a lot of people should learn how to make these kind of recipes.

  5. I really have not had enough experience with Thai food! This needs to change ASAP! And I know just the recipe to start with! Looks incredible girlie! And I LOVE that you made it into hummus too! Mmm!

  6. The hummus looks AMAZING. Thai food is my favorite-I’ll definitely be stealing this soon! 🙂

  7. yum! this recipe sounds great, we have been trying to watch our grain intake too, although hard to say no to baked cookies, haha

  8. I love just about anything Thai, but good ol’ pad thai can’t be beat!

  9. Coconut thai hummus? Genius! Yes, I did a thai-style slaw with kelp noodles–recipe on my blog about a week ago.

    Really interesting hearing your thoughts about carbs: I’m in somewhat of a dilemma right now, as over the last few months I’ve been steadily increasing carbs (and reducing everything else) and generally feeling more energetic and better. Right now, I’m back to high fruit and low fat/protein. Not what my ND wants me to be doing, but my energy has generally been so much better. Last couple days less so, but I’ve been working out like crazy, etc. So I’m in a dilemma about the whole deal.

  10. You seriously have the BEST recipes! I am definitely going to try this!

  11. Man, we are on the same wavelength, because I made thai-inspired hummus today! I had to use cashew butter because I don’t have tahini open and I was being too lazy to open a jar and then stir…yadayada, but it turne out great and just a wee bit sweet.

    I love any and all thai. Bring on the healthy!

  12. woahhhhhh holy hummus. you had me at the pad thai sauce, then i saw the hummus and almost moaned.

  13. join the club, except my wee bit of weight is a lot bit of weight and I’m pretty sure its not carbs but the drinking…

  14. Wow Lori, you seem to have the best salad recipes!!! Hummus is a very good protein source…have you ever tried sprouting it?
    Thanks 🙂

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