Paleo Buffalo Chicken Tenders with Chive-Yogurt Sauce

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While you wait for Scratch-N-Sniff interactive vision to become the standard of blog reading, I’ll describe the wafting aroma that swirled through my kitchen last night.

Sweet, spicy, tangy, peppery, possibly fiery, mouthwatering (that’s an aroma, don’tcha know?), garlicy. Just simply incredible. The house smelled wonderful. And I won’t even tell you about the taste…

Succulent, moist, spicy and hot, buffalo chicken tenders bathed in a dollop of mellowing chive-yogurt sauce was a dinner worth capturing with all senses.

If you take away the unphotogenic properties of the dish, outstanding is an adjective I’d use as a describer for the flavors. I may have cheated a bit by buying the sauce…

This recipe came from the hunger within me and the adaptation of this recipe. Brilliance is often replicated. Especially when Food Lovers are concerned.

Let’s not wasting any more time. Onto the recipe!


Spicy wonderful. Thick packs a punch and is easy and fast. When in a rush or need a meal quickly, you can’t go wrong with Buffalo Chicken Tenders. I’d love to make my own buffalo sauce but haven’t found a good recipe yet. If you have one, pass it along!

What types of things do you buy already-made?

Do you usually try to make your own sauces? Which ones? Tomato sauces, taco sauce, and pestos are my homemade favorites. I’m still in need of making my own Dijon mustard, ketchup, and barbeque sauce. Recipes! Send them my way!


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  2. Uhhhhh I just found your blog through Chuck’s and I am OBSESSED. First of all we are twinnies and second of all you rock. Let’s meet up and go running. Mmmmmkay.

  3. Yum! Ha- I actually read that recipe earlier tonight on the Primal Palate blog! Kinda weird…

  4. This sounds very tasty, you think it might work with turkey instead of the chicken? we don’t eat chicken because of the hormones….

  5. I put that sh*t on everything! (not really. but that damn commercial gets me every time!)

  6. Oh my goodness. Lori, this looks SO SO GOOD!! Ahhhh. I need to go search through the cabinets here and see what I’ve got…

  7. You got my baby,you got me on this one! this is my tast, exactly this kind of combination 🙂 thanks girl!

  8. I have recipes for several BBQ sauces and mustard on my blog!! And my list of mustard ideas is about 20 flavors long. I’m not kidding.

    I am not a fan of Frank’s. Or wing sauce in general. I don’t know why, but I do love me some hot sauce. I buy that stuff, no need to make it. Sriracha and Cholula are my faves.

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