Paleo Blackberry Bars & The Story Of

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Once upon a time in the wee hours of the morning, a mother and daughter went berry picking.

These were not just regular berries, mind you. These were wild blackberries, ripened with the sun and watered by a stream.

As the mother and daughter began harvesting the berries with their buckets, gloves, and not enough body coverage, they realized that they had quite a job head of them. For this part of the land hosted miles and miles of blackberry bushes, as far as the eye could see.

You see, not only were these wild blackberries, but they were wild blackberries with HUGE, prickly thorns and stuck into the mother and daughter’s arms as they got close to each berry.

After an hour of picking and getting pricked, the mother and daughter, with their bowls and buckets overflowing with berries, retreated to their car, and back to their home.

When the daughter, who just happened to LOVE cooking and baking, returned with her load of berries, she decided to cuss out the bush with the thorns and apply antiseptic to her cuts get started on the recipe that would change the world.

Ok, maybe it couldn’t change the world, but I sure am proud of this recipe! It’s gotta be one of the best desserty-breakfasty-healthy baked thing I’ve made in a while.

And the moral of the story teaches us…

Make these bars!

Do it. Stop wasting time reading this and get into your kitchen. Trust me. The mother and daughter both suggest it.

Happy Thursday, Friends!!!

What’s your story of the day???

Do you have a lot of fruit or a veggie you need to put into every recipe, too? I know Katie did.

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  1. I used coconut flour often and I would have to disagree that coconut flour is the same as finely finely ground coconut. The finely ground would contain a lot more moisture than coconut flour which is not only finely ground but also dehydrated/dried… would you agree? Just asking as id like to make this but Ive never baked anything with an entire cup of coconut flour.

  2. […] a waste of good soil, sunlight and water! Winston had them on porridge and we made a variation of these blackberry bars, so that Ru wouldn’t be left out. The three of us enjoyed them very […]

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