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Wooh! I made it back from a week in paradise. I’m a whole lot darker, a ton calmer, and ready to never touch alcohol again. At least for a while. And food. No more food.

Kidding! How could I go without food? But I did manage to eat a good amount, drink some festive drinks, and bask in the sun with all of it’s glory. And humidity. I seriously do NOT envy you, Kelly. If Texas is hot and humid like the Cancun area, you’ve got to be sweltering.

Arrival at hotel... only day not living in a bathing suit!


The trip was perfect from start to finish. The weather forecasted rain and thunder storms but we had clear skies and 90 degrees the entire time.

The all-inclusive resort was beyond what we expected in service, quality, cleanliness, everything. It was wonderful. Beautiful.

The staff was great and the vacationers became friends. I miss the sun and the peace of nothing to do, no place to be. For one whole week I did not touch a single computer or phone and being that there we no clocks anywhere, I had no concept of time. It was weird but welcomed.

We attended shows including a mariachi night with mechanical bull riding, a Michael Jackson concert (dude looked EXACTLY like him… it was creepy), and fire dancers. We went to demos for sushi-making, guacamole and pico de gallo, and cucumber margaritas (so, so, SO good).

There was fresh pineapple and papaya, which I made sure to eat daily. And fresh, young coconuts! I was in heaven when I was offered one! The coconuts grew everywhere… I was so tempted to steal a few. 😉

We saw spider monkeys, giant iguanas, geckos. and snorkeling wonders such as sea urchins, a jelly fish, spider starfish, and spider crabs. Why all the spiders? I have no idea..

A staff member made me a grasshopper from a palm leaf!

A hot stone massage was my spa treatment of choice and it could not have been more incredible. Coupled with an hour of hydrotherapy treatments and I was set to relax my cares away.

There were white-sand beaches and Long Island Ice Teas.

There was pool volleyball and beach soccer. Water aerobics was optional but so fun.

Sunscreen became my best friend, along with 2 hour naps in the middle of the day. What? I got up early and it was SO hot. That sun really does drain you.

Each day started with a coffee and Bailey’s Irish Cream. After my workout, of course.

All-in-all, good trip. Fun trip. Wonderful trip. I wanna go back.

I only took 771 pictures, a few fun videos, and gained quite a few memories.

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  1. Look so fun! I love your blog! Where did you guys stay it looks beautiful and my family is trying to decide where to stay in mexico and we need an all inclusive hotel like this that will be good for kids. Where did you stay and who did you do your trip thru? Thanks!

    1. We stayed at the Aventura Spa Palace- Palace Resorts. It was awesome. We booked our trip through RCI Timeshares but you can book it for roughly the same price directly on the Palace Resorts websites (just google the sites). They’re all relatively close to each other so you can take a shuttle and eat and drink at all of them with the all-inclusive! It’s a great deal!

  2. Oh I remember when I could drink & not eat and when I could sit out in the sun!!
    Loving the coconuts! Could live on that & the fruit alone, well, and some wine sipping too!
    Looks like a GREAT time!

  3. so jealous, looked like an amazing trip!!

    love the water, so clear and just breath taking

  4. wow , amazing!!! looks like such a great time. my sister went to mexico earlier this summer and absolutely loved it – the fun in sun, the fresh fruit, the outdoor activities, etc. and being away from technology is always really refreshing! a good reminder that life is so much better outside than indoors haha!

    ps love the picture of you and sasha with sombreros! and that sea urchin! and the coconut!

  5. I got jealous because seeing the photos, she had a great time in Mexico. She enjoyed the beach and everything. I guess that all people will like to spend vacation here.

  6. Wow, that sounds amazing! So glad you had such a good time. Which all-inclusive were you at?

  7. It sounds like the perfect vacation, Lori! I am so glad – you totally deserved it. And the two of you look soo cuutteeee!!
    I stayed at an all inclusive resort in Cancun for senior year of high school spring break. It did WORK on my body. But my experience was probably mildly different from yours 😉

  8. I’ve been to Riviera Maya (Xcaret) and loved it. We also stayed at an all-inclusive — free drinks..don’t mind if I do! 😉

  9. WOW!!!!!!!!! What a great looking place! I’m sold 😉 Seriously though, i would totally love to go there. How cool. Glad you had such an excellent time.
    Welcome home.

  10. Looks like an AMAAAZING time! So beautiful and relaxing! And coconuts all around? I probably would’ve come home with a suitcase full of those if I could… 😛

  11. You are adorable in every single photo! I wish I were on this trip with you!! All the pcitures look so great and you even sound elaxed. A well-deserved vacation, indeed.

  12. All I can say is wow, I am so so jealous. That looks beyond incredible. I need a vacation ASAP.

  13. Oh yeah…Texas is a BEAST right now! Do not come visit yet…I can’t have Austin making a bad impression on you! 🙂

    Looks like a blast…you look really happy! And you have one the Arizona shirt…love. Oh and that cute black swimsuit cover up you have on…I have that one too (in green). haha!!

  14. yes, imagine that humidity and 110F degrees. thats TX right now. UGH! but at least you had an amazing time and wow look at that scenery!!!

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