Taken By Storm

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Friday has taken me by storm!

I’m so busy with projects that need to be completed this weekend that I’m feeling a little… too busy. Oddly enough, all the extras I’m doing are blog related. 😉 I guess that’s lucky for me (because I LOVE it) and luck for you, because you get some pretty awesome recipes within the next few days.

First up on my list of Friday To Do’s is get my butt in gear to host a dinner party tomorrow. And not just any dinner party but a Foodbuzz Featured Publisher dinner party. I submitted a proposal for a fall inspired dinner party, only to be one of the 24 bloggers selected to host this meal (and get a stipend!) within 24 hours. This way we’re united the blog world with 24 bloggers bringing out their meals within 24 hours. It’s their 24×24 program.

So anyway, a full dinner is coming up with a PDF of the recipes. For you, by me, for free. Nothing’s better.

Oh wait!

Something is better…

Halloween is better…

Disneyland is WAY BETTER.

Halloween IN Disneyland is even WAY better and OUT OF CONTROL awesome!

See! Stuff is better. 😉

After Saturday’s hosted dinner party, I’m off to Los Angeles to partake in a Halloween Disney adventure. Geez I’m excited! There will also be a few stops at Hollywood raw food restaurants.

Ooooooh I can’t wait for the weekend.

What are your plans this weekend?

What is taking you by storm?

Did ya see the newest What Runs Lori look? What do you think?

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  1. good luck with the full dinner, I’m sure you gonna make it amazing. and I jealous in the great weekend you having. my weekend is boring… i need to do more fun things. but it good to be at home and rest from the long week I had. hoping you enjoying yourself.

  2. Awesome on the dinner party award! You didn’t invite me?? : ( I would have flown out there. Does FoodBuzz predetermine the date you have to throw the party?

    You should come to Disney WORLD and hang out with me for Halloween.

    And the blog looks awesome- I wish you could help me with mine!

  3. Wow, sounds like an exciting weekend plan–and yet another new look–I like it.
    Love the idea of the dinner party, and I’m looking forward to hearing the latest on LA raw restaurants…

  4. Madly in love with this layout!! And I love posts with tons of good news!!! Happy Friday, friend!

  5. Wow! What a busy weekend! Please post picture of your Halloween in Disneyland once you get back! Want to see how it was!

  6. Congrats on being chosen for the dinner party! I really want to host one someday:) I cannot wait to see what you cooked up!

  7. Wish I could attend your dinner party… YOM! LOVE the red! 🙂
    (Stop by and say hi on your way down or way back from LA!!!)

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