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I get a lot of questions regarding fitness, exercise, overall health, and nutrition and figured why not answer these questions for everyone to read? I’ve teamed up with a good friend and expert fitness professional and trainer, Kris Haines, who will be helping me answer your questions.


Today’s the first set of questions and answers with the new Monday series, all about what runs you. (It can’t always be about me…)

Question from Sarah: For those already in shape, but looking at body re-composition, what are your top tips? Where would you go for solid advice for those eating well and exercising, but want to go to the next level?

Answer from Kris: Top Essential Tips on Body Re-composition

That could be a very long list considering there are more vague and also detailed and scientific approaches to assessing one’s body. The first thing is to remember is that time is needed.

Changing the body comp is not like focusing on a weight loss goal for a few weeks to drop weight and fit into a particular piece of clothing, but more as a long term commitment to a particular training style/system that will change the body’s composition or build on the body’s composition.

Second, what is the end goal? A particular sport? Recreational competitiveness or personal goal? Work backwards from your goal to start a plan. An example would be a bodybuilder that wishes to increase his lean mass to compete at a heavier weight. He would not just eat and lift more, but would have to do so with a plan that allows him to still come into the competition at a competitive body fat percentage and with body symmetry. In order to do that, time, nutrition and training are the keys to make his goal happen.

This second part of the question (going to the next level) also pertains to the first; What is the end goal? Answer that, then begin your research.

A nutritional regiment also has to be built to support that above goal. To effectively get results nutrition cannot be taken lightly. Good and bad examples of nutrition surround us daily. We see people who have inadvertently changed their body
composition by not taking any action at all for long periods of time. Those people may now be morbidly obese. Alternately, a competitive athlete that has changed their body and composition over time to perform better in their

These are the starting foundation to your journey with three key points to think about: TIME, GOAL & NUTRITION.


Thanks Kris for the answer and Sarah for the great questions. Awesome tips for someone interested in body re-composition. Remembering that finding/focusing on your goal, picking a realistic time frame, and dialing in proper nutrition are essential.

The best things in life aren’t free, AND they take drive, determination, and time. Keep your goals in sight with everything you do. When people, ideas, situations arise, ask yourself if they are pushing toward your goal or away, and pick your path accordingly.

What are some key exercises to help jump start progress?

Check out all my workouts here. One of the best exercises I’ve found to really kick things into gear are complex exercise movements. Or find out what to do when you don’t know what to do.

And remember to listen to your body, work with intensity and purpose and make sure to RECOVER.

Most things do start with a goal. What is your goal?


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  1. great post, looking forward to learning more. i agree it comes down to goals, and for each person it will be different. like some people do not want muscle they just want to be lean and fast. as others like and want muscle. for me, i want muscle. i want lean muscle. so trying to eat more to fuel my muscles, but making sure it is good food. i will admit i have a hard time eating more, not that i do not want too, just sometimes get to busy and do not eat for hours. not good. something i am working on

  2. Great idea for a series of posts, and that is such a hard question because it’s so general and everyone’s specific. But your general answers are good ones, as is the reminder of patience.

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