Month: January 2012

Why Homemade is Better

Why Homemade is Better

If there is one thing I’ve learned from living with a foodie, it’s that homemade dishes are always, always, always better. With the exception of sushi and certain ethnic foods, such as Ethiopian, homemade is the way to go in so many ways. Why homemade is 

CORE Foods Winner

CORE Foods Winner

Happy Monday! Today is a simple post. Simple because all we’re showcasing is CORE Foods and a winner. Before I get to the winner, let me just say thank you(!!) to CORE Foods for having What Runs Lori host a prize pack giveaway. The little 

Chocolate Chili Paleo Biscotti

Chocolate Chili Paleo Biscotti

Wooooo hooooo! It’s Saturday! The weekend has finally come. You made it, I made it, we all made it!

To celebrate the weekend, we’re having biscotti and coffee for breakfast! Healthy, right?

Of course it’s healthy. The above picture is what I call a Paleo Biscotti. Take note, this may not look too much like a biscotti, may not be hard and crispy like a biscotti, but it does have potential and tastes fantastic. Moist, chocolaty and biscotti-like (at least that was my intention) and… Paleo. 🙂

That coconut flour sure is tricky…

Speaking of healthy breakfasts with coffee, another great alternative is CORE Foods Warrior and Defender Meals. And you can win them! Check out my giveaway to get your very own sampler pack of these incredible, hunger stopping, nutrition-increasing meals on the go!

Since only one person can win the CORE Foods giveaway, they’ve extended the offer to EVERYONE! They have kindly offered What Runs Lori readers a 20% off discount on one sample pack!

Simply go to the CORE Foods website (here), pick out your order and save 20% by entering the code: whatrunslori

This coupon is valid until February 7th!! Get yours now! And go enter for a free sample pack here!

And if you just cannot wait for your CORE Foods goodies in the mail, you could always make some chocolate biscotti in your very own kitchen…

This version is has a rich chocolate flavor, spiked with a kick of heat from the chili powder. You can omit whatever you feel like omitting. Don’t feel like spicy? Add in some cinnamon or ginger powder instead.

Yum! Happy weekend my health-iets! Go forth and be healthy. 🙂