Blueberry Acai Vanilla Cream Parfait (Raw, Dairy-Free & Paleo!)

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The Parfait.

Such a wonderful treat you never have to feel guilty about eating, right? Because why on Earth would you want to feel guilty or bad about eating something that tastes great?

But then again, you know what’s good for you and what’s not so good for you… most of the time.

I find it hard to bring myself to eat things that are doused with grease, artificial ingredients, are heavily processed, and loaded with unneedingly added sugars. Why would I want to eat it when it makes me feel like crap, physically and emotionally? I don’t. But, if I’m going to eat something to this extent, I’m going to make sure I really want it and it’s REALLY good. And I won’t stress about it.

Otherwise, it’s just not worth the fight. Agreed? Good.

Especially since there are so many incredible foods and dishes that can be made without all that junk. Such as this parfait.

Don’t let the blueberries, vibrant acai and walnut crunch atop, fool you. It’s no ordinary parfait.

No, no…

This parfait is unlike other parfaits. This one is made with only raw ingredients, contains no artificial junk, no gluten, no dairy, no refined sugars, and is actually healthy for you.

And it’s pretty.

Oh-so-pretty, in fact, that I made this when I was on Good Day Sacramento last month. It was the easiest dish to put together, making my job way easier the morning of the tv stunt.

I guess what I’m trying to get across is that eating healthy can be easy and quick, and still, of course, truly delicious.

This sinless dessert would be great for breakfast, dessert, in the dead of a cold winter, or in the blazing sun of summer. Ah, summer… I miss you. Come back to play soon.

Oh, and any fruit would work wonderfully with these layers. Bright fruits such as kiwi, pineapple, and mango would rock. And deeper, rich fruits like banana, frozen strawberries and raspberries would create a bit of decadence. Make this and play with your own different combination.



That’s it! Deliciously easy and tastily beautiful.

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  1. I really want a giant vat of the walnut mixture all to myself… the salt, the honey… my god! 🙂

  2. Such a cool dessert idea! The cream sounds fabulous. I can’t wait to try this – bet it would be an amazing springtime treat too with strawberries when they are in season.

  3. oh man! this looks great! i am teaching lots of youth cooking classes and am on the hunt for allergen free recipes the kids will eat. i thought of your blog right away!

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