Tahini Green Goddess Dressing

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Sometimes I feel like a Goddess.

And why not? I’m beautiful (if I do say so mysef..), modest (ha!), and do all that I can to honor and respect my body, mind, and spirit.

I enter the qualifying rhelm of Goddess-ness by eating absolutely tongue-gripping foods.

One of which may or may not be this incredibly vibrant and tangy Tahini Green Goddess Dressing.

Created from the overwhelming craving for Fudenjuce’s Green Goddess Dressing that I have so lovingly drenched my vegetarian Middle Eastern Burrito in on occasion.


Loaded with crisp cilantro.

Thickened with creamy tahini.

Claimed and overtaken by tamari (soy sauce), fresh lemon juice, spicy garlic and cayenne pepper, sweet, sweet maple syrup, salt, pepper… ooooh lala!

This sweet little sauce-of-the-God(dess)’s is absolutely incredible. One I definitely make often.

And pour over everything (chicken, tofu, salads, vegetables, spoons).

Not only is it delightful, it’s also super low in fat and calories. No guilt associated with slathering on anything and everything.

Enjoy on everything.
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  1. Lori:

    Just found your blog/site and I have to say I love your recipes and spirit.
    I followed a link from the Precision Nutrition program I am following these days as I need some options that are nutritious (loaded with vegetables), healthy (right fats, right carbs) and tasty.
    I plan on trying the paleo lasagna and this dressing. If you have any favorites or a place to find them let me know.
    Thanks for doing this BTW. Great that you’re sharing and all the best!

  2. Whohoo! Cool to see a post from you again. I’m glad to see you back. I love how you talk about food–and about yourself.

  3. This sounds great! But I ask you, and not critically, just an honest question to be posed to all fitness bloggers….why should a goddess feel guilty about eating *any* food? As women, it seems we are taught that eating is somehow a moral issue and its just not! If one is eating what their body truly asks for (even if it is high, high, high in fat and calories!) then I think its okay!

    just a thought.

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