Bikini Competition Week 4: Progress Photos, Diet Changes, and Workouts

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Here I am folks at exactly 7 weeks into my training with Ray at Built Tuff Fitness. I love every second of it… now. It definitely feels more routine and much easier than when I started out but I guess that’s the beauty of sticking with something: It has to get easier eventually, right?

Well it has gotten easier, and I’m incredibly happy with the results I’m seeing and feeling. Not only that, but I’ve learned a lot about myself and overall fitness and health from this experience (even in this short amount of time).

Without really realizing it, I’ve been 100% Paleo, too! And when I say Paleo, I mean, PALEO.

Alcohol, sugar, processed foods, dairy, grains, legumes FREE.

And I feel great!


1 Week vs. 4.5 Weeks

week 5

Taken only 4.5 weeks apart.

I truly think the biggest factor in my progress has been the no alcohol and absolutely no processed sugar. Minus a cup of berries a day, my sugar intake has been zero. (Note: I am NOT counting fibrous veggies and sweet potatoes in this equation, because I NEED those to live… and be sane.)

I have energy, I feel happy and upbeat, and I can think much more clearly then I have in a while. Brain fog is gone….


With this huge shift in diet, I actually do not feel deprived one bit, which surprises me because I have always had a sweet tooth. For years, every single day I would have some sort of sweet. Whether it be a healthy baked good I made, a handful of dark chocolate chips, or over-the-top serving of fruit. Day 1 of this personal challenge I cut it all out. And I haven’t wavered yet. Not once.

With the lack of sugars and alcohol in my diet I feel as though I think better! A problem I feel I’ve had for a while now, brain fog is now gone. Energy is high and attitude is upbeat… except when I’ve missed my feeding time. That’s when all bets are off and someone needs to feed Lori NOW. 😉


Meal Plan Weeks 4-7+:

Sample menu for weeks 4 through today… week 6.75 (almost 7 weeks).

Meal 1: 4-6 egg whites, 4 oz butternut squash, sweet potato, or yam, 1 Tbsp almond butter, coffee + almond milk

Meal 2: 6 oz chicken breast, lettuce, variety of veggies, apple cider vinegar or coconut vinegar, 1 Tbsp almond butter, and 4 oz sweet potato (or 1/2 cup berries)

Meal 3: 6 oz lean steak (red meat), veggies, 4 oz sweet potato, 1 Tbsp almond butter or 1/2 avocado

Meal 4: 6 oz chicken breast, or calamari steak, veggies

Meal 5: 4-5 oz chicken, turkey breast, or calamari steak, veggies

(Lori’s sneak meal- I can’t resist!: 3 oz sweet potato, 1 Tbsp almond butter, cinnamon)

Pretty much the gist of this plan is 6 oz protein at each meal, 4 oz carbohydrates during first 3 meals, 6 oz steak/red meat at meal 3, veggies, veggies, veggies.

As you can see, I’m eating pretty plain and extremely basic, which is hard because I LOVE to cook and create in the kitchen. This simple way of eating has been a challenge in that aspect, along with the salt-free way of life. Things really do taste so much for robust with salt!

But like with any repetition, I’ve adjusted, my body and taste buds have adjusted, and I’m enjoying more and more simple, whole-food meals.

That’s not to say I’m not changing up my veggies a ton, trying new combinations of salt-free seasonings, eating a huge amount of roasted garlic (mmmmmmm! sorry fellow gym-goers and co-workers!), and trying to vary my lean protein.

But that’s it. No magic pill, no wonder drug, just pure and simple eating and exercise is helping me achieve my once-thought impossible dream. 🙂


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  1. I have enjoyed reading your posts and seeing your progress! I hope to see you week 12 photos at some point. I too am eating paleo and find it does wonderful things for me. I noticed you had apple cider vinegar in one of your meals. What is the benefit of apple cider vinegar?

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  3. For your fat choices, did you do that based on macros and meal timing too??! I see you don’t have anything written down for the last couple meals???! Thank you in advance ! It’s so nice to see an outline!!

    1. Hi Kelsey! For fats I was supposed to base this around the first few meals of the day. I had a hard time NOT consuming a LOT of almond or peanut butter, though, so I often had fats at night. It didn’t interfere with my fat loss though! Good fats = body fat loss!

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  5. I have to say that your results look absolutely amazing. I’ve just tried clean and simple diets in the past week and so far I feel pretty good (psychologically and physically). With proper workouts, I hope that I could have the same results 😀

    1. You definitely can! Good luck and keep up the great work. Seriously, it’s all about consistency with great nutrition. Sounds like you’re doing everything right!

  6. You look fantastic!! Is this meal plan based on specific macros needed for you? Or just basic meal that can work with almost anyone??

    1. I didn’t really follow macros except for carb intake. Depending on the day, or what my coach felt I needed to add or subtract (he would look at my body and let me know, he’s a genius!) he would have me do 50, 75, or 125 grams of carbs a day. Roughly, a 4 oz sweet potato is 25 grams of carbs so I’d eat portions based on that, split throughout the day… hope that makes sense!!

  7. Excellent job! With regards to veggies, are you eating tomatoes, beets and carrots? I’m trying to increase my veggie consumption as I’m trying to lean out. In the past I’ve had trainers tell me to stay away from the “sweeter” veggies. Just wondering what you’re doing.

    Thanks and best of luck!

    1. Hi Allison!

      I am eating lower sugar veggies but not worrying too much about it. I’m eating only a small amount of tomatoes and not including beets or carrots in my diet… for now. I’m eating a TON of kale, lettuce, spinach, eggplant, celery, onions, zucchini, cucumber, etc.

      Hope this helps!

  8. Gosh, you look awesome! So proud of you, that you’ve managed it to stay on your diet plan! I wish I could be as totally strict as you are, but there’s always someone seducing me with red wine, beer or a piece of pizza once in a while…plus I just can’t imagine cutting out dairy! Is that really so important to get (and stay) bikini fit?

    1. I don’t think the diary is so important as the overall diet. I do add in a bit of dairy from time to time in my coffee (and then on occasionally cheat days with ice cream!) but the key is to eating clean 95% of the time- sticking to the overall diet. The once in a while treats are welcomed by your body and actually help me lose a pound or two after I have them!

  9. how are you preparing your butternut squash at meal 1? just curious as veggies in the am seem so out of the normal for me so want to make them the best way possible 🙂 also what meals are you working out between? I do early, early am so wondering how that would affect meals?

    1. Hi AJ,
      I’m preparing my butternut squash/other squash/sweet potatoes by cutting them into cubes and baking them with a little bit of water. That’s it. Toss half way between (roast at 425 degrees F until soft). Super easy and no added calories.

      Also, I just posted another post on the schedule of my workouts. I’m doing fasted cardio in the AM.

      Hope this helps!!

  10. GIRRRRRL! I just HAVE to congratulate you on SUCH amazing progress over ONLY 4.5 weeks! Look at you! You’re doing so amazing and I’m loving your updates! Have a great week <3

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