Better YOUR Sex Chocolates + Essential Oils for More Lovin’

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This past weekend I attended a small (yet super fun and festive) event where love was in the air.

We had booths set up with fun items for sale, different desserts, and some health info from me and the essential oils I use and love.

Since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, a day of love, I thought I’d make a few things to get attendees in the mood… check out this sexual harmony kit guide. 😉

Because each oil is associated with an emotion, they can be powerful aphrodisiacs, along with supporting healthy emotions- of any kind! That’s one thing I LOVE about the oils. Take Wild Orange, or instance: The Oil of Abundance. It has a beautiful, delicious aroma and then add on the wonderful emotional support of creativity, abundance, love, acceptance! It’s just… happy. 🙂

And each oil helps address quite a few health concerns, so picking out a few and combining them gives you a recipe for natural wellness and vitality!

Hello Cinnamon Bark! The Oil of Sexual Harmony, I’ve been diffusing Cinnamon Bark throughout my house like crazy (hey, why not?!). I add it daily to my coffee, homemade applesauce, occasional cinnamon cookie, and smoothie. It’s INCREDIBLE. And my favorite. 🙂 Nice little side benefits, too…

Anyway, back to the event. Below are some photos and ideas (recipes too!) to get your mojo going this Valentine’s Day!








It was fun meeting new people, having them experience the oils, taste, smell, touch, and then giving them a wellness consult!

Would YOU like a wellness consult….? (let me know!)

What are your Valentine recipes that you’re looking forward to making?

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