Lazy Girl’s Shrimp Ceviche

Posted byLori Posted onMay 10, 2014 Comments2

I don’t really consider myself a lazy person, although I do have bouts of laziness.

I like to think of myself as one of the most active lazy people I know. I go, go, go (!) and then… stop. Relax. Take time to decompress and do nothing. This routine is daily. And needed!

After a long day working, throwing myself into a workout, maybe a walk, too, when I get home, I love to jump into PJ’s and start the process of making dinner.

One dinner, for which the lazy girl in me promptly came out, was a simple, quick, and flavorful Shrimp Ceviche dish.





What are your favorite lazy dishes?

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  1. Hi Lori!
    I just found your blog from a friend who recommended it! So glad I’m here! And, I have some shrimp in my freezer, and this looks like the perfect recipe to use it up with. I love PALEO food, but haven’t made it a lifestyle yet. Have you seen Sarah Wilson’s cookbook, “I Quit Sugar?” It is gorgeous with LOTS of paleo recipes. The more I think about it, the more I consider PALEO dishes, the BEST! I’m excited to look through your blog! Take care! PS, her name is Genny. Maybe she’s commented before : )

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