Paleo Chocolate Chip Cinnamon Fig Coffee Cookies

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Rise ‘n shine!

I’m pretty sure nothing gets me out of bed faster than healthy Paleo cookies. And coffee. Well, actually… Paleo cookies WITH coffee!

These babies will get you up and at ’em, supply plenty of energy for the day ahead, and nourish you with protein, fiber, caffeine, and not-too-sweet touches of chocolate chips, and leave that sweet tooth happily satisfied.

Gluten-free, coconut flour cookies with walnuts, figs, and delicious Verve coffee baked right in the mix. Perfect for breakfast or a snack since they’re low in sugar and high in protein.

Paleo Coffee Cookies

Now all you need is a hot cup of coffee to go along…

Paleo Coffee Cookies

Speaking of a cup of coffee, Verve Coffee Roasters are among my favorites. They have several locations in Santa Cruz, CA (near me) and now one in Los Angeles, CA. Totally delicious and totally hipster. I just love their great vibed-out space with exposed wood, incandescent light bulbs hanging from the ceiling, air plants and succulents perched in unlikely corners of the store, and of course, the intense smell of high quality coffee and espresso being passed to patrons in beautifully branded mugs. You can check out more info on them via Yelp, if you’re so inclined.

Anyway… onto the recipe!
Paleo Coffee Cookies

Paleo Cookies

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