Low-Carb Bikini Diet Recipe: Salmon Salad Wraps with Coconut Dill Sauce and Smashed Peach Guacamole

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Peach Guac & Salmon Wraps

When I was doing my bikini competition diet and workout plan, I ate a lot of protein and in that protein allowance, salmon made the cut (and frying pan).

I just cannot complain about eating copious amounts of salmon. It’s a flavorful fish, amazing source of protein and fat, and totally delicious. Easy to make and easy to top with pretty much anything. 

I used this as one of my high protein meals for fueling my workouts and helping aid in fat loss. It’s easy and makes plenty of leftovers. Leftovers are a bodybuilders’ and fitness competitors’ DREAM. 

That is unless you have other gym-lovers in the house… they tend to also want to eat. 😉

Peach Guac & Salmon Wraps
This recipe is a keeper and I’ve made it a few times over the years, when I’m in the need for something fresh, healthy and low in carbs. It’s super customizable, which I’m always a fan of. Why not make things that are forgiving, flexible, and can always be changed. (Mainly because for some crazy reason I just cannot follow a recipe!)

I hope you make and love this dish as much as I do. This is dairy-free, gluten-free, grain-free, Paleo and delicious. Easy as heck, too!

Finally a flavorful bikini competition diet recipe! Salmon Wraps & Peach Guac [tweet this]

Peach Guac & Salmon Wraps
Make this one for fueling your bikini competition, figure, or bodybuilding diet and workouts. Make this one for a low-carb but high-flavor meal. Make this one because it’s delicious, easy, perfect for leftovers, and because it’s colorful and pretty. And everyone should eat pretty food.

Peach Guac & Salmon Wraps

Peach Guac & Salmon Wraps

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