The Absolute Best Way to Boil Eggs (Seriously… You Need to Try This)

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The BEST Hard Boiled EggsI cannot express just how great this method works to boil the perfect egg.

It’s also totally rewarding when you get to the part where you peel the egg and it comes out perfect.

Not shell attached.

Half your egg isn’t missing or destroyed.

It’s perfect.

Come on, you know what I’m talking about.

The BEST Hard Boiled Eggs

It’s especially great since I eat two eggs a day… everyday.

Hard boiled is by FAR my favorite way to eat them… so easy, versatile and on-the-go-friendly.

Not only is this the best way to boil eggs [in the world], it’s also the most fun. You get to puncture your egg, people! Not sure if that’s a euphemism or what…

Alternately, if you are going to enjoy all the eggs now, say for a Paleo Egg Salad or Paleo Deviled Eggs (see below), after cooling with water, drain all water, add a ice tray worth of ice to the pot, cover with lid, and shake gently. This will release the entire shell from each egg and you’ll have your perfect eggs to rinse and use as you please!

Need more egg ideas? Of course you do!

Paleo Smoked Trout Deviled Eggs

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Bacon and Eggs with Paleo-Mayo

Egg Poppers!

Paleo Breakfast Bake

Sundried Tomato Spanish Egg Cups (remove the GF tortilla strips for Paleo!)

Coconut Paleo Crepes

Hard Boiled Eggs & Smoked Salmon (my favorite!)

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