The short & sweet Body Blast Ab Burner workout to try this weekend

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You’ve been wanting a calorie burner, right?

Some heart pounding, body firming, calorie killing, no-nonsense, complete body and core workout… right?

Sure you want it.. why wouldn’t you?

Best part?


I’ve been loving on quick workouts lately. Short, intense, full-body fiery workouts. Every morning I get up, put on Pandora to some loud AC/DC- or something noisy and fast-paced – and groove for 20 minutes. Finish, shower, hit the road to work.

I love CrossFit and weight workouts, and I will be the first person to stand up and advocate for weight lifting, but sometimes you just need a couple of days break from the gym. Finding some awesome moves that can all be done at home is awesome.

Throwing my favorite moves together, getting in the groove, and creating a fun and fast workout is how I get my at home workouts done. Nothing special to these workouts but I try to have them hit every body part, alternating upper and lower body.

I love getting ideas from great workout fitness bloggers like Purely Twins, Nerd Fitness, and Fitness Blender, mixing and matching the toughest moves to create a killer challenge.

This workout is challenging, rest as needed but push yourself (SAFELY). Do your best and bring intensity. In every move below, really think about contracting your abs, using them to drive each move. Trust me, you’ll feel this one. 🙂

Check out this short but intense Body Blast Ab Burner Workout for finding and sculpting those abs! #workout [tweet this]

How’d you do?

Don’t forget to fuel your body with veggie-filled carbs and lean protein. 😉


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