Why a food blog isn’t just a food blog

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Camping, Nevada City, California

I blog for many reasons.

First and foremost, it allows me to share my many hours in the kitchen with you. And also because I can go back any time and use it as my recipe book (I constantly use my blog as reference for past recipes).

I blog because it allows me to open my mind, foster creative thoughts turning them into digital words, and allows me to have a journal of my journeys. My food blog isn’t just a food blog. My food blog is a way for me to capture life.

In this life-recording, digital journal I’ve done a lot of growing up, done a lot of learning, published hundreds of recipes, written thousands and thousands of words, met life-changing friends, made a few bucks, researched nutrition, and documented some of my innermost thoughts.

Sunsetting and ocean mist along the California Coast Highway 1

Sometimes, when I’m feeling nostalgic, I go back and read past blog entries. 

It’s fun to see what I was up to last year, two years ago, five years ago. It’s interesting to take note of how not only my diet has changed over the years but also my perspective on food. It’s endearing to see how horrible my photos were but awesome to notice that my style of photography hasn’t changed all that much. 

Today I went back and read a post published on November 15th, 2011. Written two days after my birthday and two years, five months after starting my blog. This post was titled, One Day I Will…

It’s touching. It’s real. It’s me. Just me throwing it all out there, as I often used to do.

As I read the words written years ago, the things I promised myself I would do one day, I took a mental checklist of all of those things that I have accomplished. 


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Below are those things that I wrote that November morning and beside them in bold are my initial thoughts and feelings after reading this:


One day I will be unreasonably happy. For no reason. I am. I finally am happy with myself. I am blessed with happiness.

One day I will compete in a figure competition. Just because. I trained my ass off for a competition, got the body I was longed for, didn’t step on stage, and realized that I am perfect just the way I am.

One day I will run another half marathon. (…because half is way more comfortable than another full marathon) Meh! So many other amazing sports out there to be had. I now embrace those.

One day I will get married. Someday, still but enjoying the romance ride, nonetheless.

One day I will have a family. Someday? I have an amazing family who loves me more than I’ll ever understand.



One day I will go back to paradise. I’m in paradise. I live in a beautiful city filled with amazing places to extend into adventures.

One day I will empty out my email inbox. Um… or not. Not even going to try.

One day I will eat completely healthy. Healthy is subjective!

One day I will eat like crap. Unhealthy is subjective! 😉

One day I will free myself of all disapproval. And this has been the most rewarding gift I’ve ever given myself.

One day I will regret a decision. Oh man, will I.

One day I will forgive myself. I am currently hugging myself.

Hiking in Canyonlands National Park, Utah

One day I will learn to use my camera. Hopefully soon. I think I finally gave up. Someone teach me!

One day I will kick my butt in the gym. Even though that’s most days… Lift. Heavy. Weights.

One day I will connect with someone. I will connect with you. I love each and every one of you.

One day I will get six pack abs. I came, I saw, I conquered. And I love wine and sweet potato fries. Enough said.

One day I will stop caring if I have that six pack. 🙂

Bicycle Night Ride at Laguna Seca Mazda Raceway, California

One day I will write a book. About…? Perhaps still! Does my blog of 734 entries count?

One day I will figure out what the optimal “diet” is. If one exists. The fun is in the trial and error.

One day I will leave the house 10000% clean. How about 95% clean?

One day I will hang up all of my clothes. …For longer than an hour. Sometimes I do. Most of the time, I do not. There are just SO many clothes!

One day I will be famous. In someone’s eyes. Maybe I am. Maybe I am not. Either one is ok.

One day I will love more, unconditionally. I have found love. I embrace love. And I give love as unconditionally as I can. Somedays are easier than others to practice this.

Golden Gate Bridge Kissing

One day I will deadlift 200 lbs. Although not even close to that yet. And I have!!! All it took was eating more! Crazy what nursing your body can do. And believing in yourself. 

One day I will stop making excuses. I may continue to fail at this one but I try hard not to!

One day I will live up to my own expectations. Today I have. Yesterday I did. Ask me again tomorrow and I hope I still have the same answer. 😉

One day I will believe in myself. I believe in me. Do you believe in you?

One day I will stop being the limiting factor in my own success. As humanly possible. I try.

Hot Air Balloon Show, Sonoma County, California

One day I will succeed beyond my wildest dreams. I enjoy my life. I am loved. I take care of my health, body, and mind. I have those who love me and I have those who I love dearly. I am employed, in good health, and live in sunny and gorgeous California. I can’t complain (although there are days that I do). I am in a better place with my body and more at ease mentally and emotionally than I ever have been. All of these things tell me I am succeeding beyond my wildest dreams. 🙂 I live an extraordinary life filled with extraordinary experience, people, places, and food. Happiness embraces me.

One day will be today. 


What will you do one day?

Cheers to an extraordinary life. How are you living your extraordinary time?

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  1. I LOVE this post Lori and the peek inside your world 🙂 I couldn’t be happier that you’ve found love – there’s nothing better!

  2. You have definitely grown a lot! I would love to see a post on the influences in your life that have changed you in good (or bad?!) ways.

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