The Best $108 Spent All On Pie

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Pumpkin Pie

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you know that I am in love with Santa Cruz, nestled on the golden coast of California. I live pretty close to this incredible place and do take full advantage of its gorgeous vistas, ocean views, delicious foods and a truly favorite, top-notch hipster coffee shop.

I’ll gladly stop everything I’m doing to drive the 40 minutes to this wonderful place, just to sip on coffee and look out into the sun-kissed ocean.

I have explored so much of what Santa Cruz has to offer and today I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Something only found during the holidays. Something so special, so wonderful, so incredibly freakin’ delicious, that I spent $108 on it this weekend.


How to spend $108 on pie

Tucked away in a small Westside shopping center near my favorite walking path is a small bakeshop named, Companion Bakeshop. 

Companion’s foundation is house-made baked goods from owners and food lovers, Erin and Jeremy, but it extends beyond that. Companion also is a place to seek out great coffee, an incredible pour-over and almond milk lattes, if you’re in the mood. 

Bourbon Pie

And pies.


Yes, PIES.

Every year around the holidays Companion bakes up hands-down the most incredible Pecan Bourbon pie and only during the holidays. Flavors of dark caramel, toasted pecans and rich and creamy bites of strong bourbon. Simply wonderful!

I had the pleasure of tasting this fantastically spiked, fully flavor-loaded pie last year for Thanksgiving and have had dreams about it ever since. Great news for me, it’s now that time of year again and yesterday I stopped by the shop to pre-order those delicious pies. (Side note, they even have gluten-free pie crusts!)

The best spent $108 on pies

The fun part is picking out what you want to adorn your Thanksgiving dessert table. This year mine will include:

1 Classic Apple Pie ($24)

1 Traditional Pumpkin Pie ($24)

2 Pecan Bourbon Pies ($30 each)


$108 of deliciousness

I’m so excited for my pies to be ready! I may even share them…

Pecan Bourbon Paleo Cookies

After last years’ Pecan Bourbon pie tasting, I just could not stop thinking about each rich and creamy pie bite. I had to have those flavors sooner than a year(!!) so I came up with my own version, which, as good as they were, did not compare to Companions… but are worth making if you’re feeling like getting bakey + a few other spiked recipes!

Paleo Bourbon Pecan Pie Cookies

Paleo Pumpkin Spice Ice Cream

Vodka Induced Fudge

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