No-Bake Pale-Holes! (Paleo Donut Holes)

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No-Bake Pale-Holes! (Paleo Donut Holes)

I love easy. I love convenient. And I love tasty.

I also love baking! But today’s recipe isn’t baked, it’s raw. It contains pure ingredients and involve short and simple steps that create incredible results. Bite-sized delicious results. 

No-Bake Pale-Holes! (Paleo Donut Holes)

And healthy.

This dessert, like I mentioned above, contains pure ingredients- making it fit for your body and waist, especially this time of year (hello holidays!) when we are all surrounded with baked treats in every direction we turn.

What do pure ingredients look like?

Nuts – unsweetened and in raw or tasted form. Yay to healthy fats!

Coconut sugar – naturally derived from coconut, this sugar does far less damage to your body than regular table sugar, releasing much more slowly in your body to keep blood sugar from spiking.

Coconut oil – more yays to healthy fats!

Cinnamon – assists in controlling blood sugar, loaded with antioxidants, and is the man for anti-inflammatory properties. Slightly spicy, slightly sweet, just really great stuff.

Raw honey – because raw honey just tastes amazing. Trust me.

No-Bake Pale-Holes! (Paleo Donut Holes)

No fillers, no GMOs, no ingredients with unknown names or involved lists of ingredients. Just pure, simple, wonderful foods blended together to create harmony in donut hole form.


No-Bake Pale-Holes! (Paleo Donut Holes)

No-Bake Pale-Holes! (Paleo Donut Holes)

Based from a recipe for Salted Chocolate Chunk No-Bake Cookies because I was looking for something simple to make, healthy to eat (after all that Thanksgiving feasting!), and bite sized for easy travel snack options. So the Pale-hole was born.

Paleoles? Pale-oles. Paleo-holes…

No-Bake Pale-Holes! (Paleo Donut Holes)

No-Bake Pale-Holes! (Paleo Donut Holes)

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  1. I’m so honored that my recipe was inspiration for this awesomeness! These look amazing Lori!! A definite must make.

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