How to Make Aebleskivers (Danish Pancakes!)

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Aebleskivers -

Everyone say it with me!



(pronouned: A-ble-shhhhhh-kiver)


So so fun to say. So SO fun to make.

And freakin’ delicious to eat.

No, not Paleo at all. 

Yes, contains flour, sugar and butter.

And yes, I’m eating them because they’re so rewarding to make, I have to try what I’ve produced.


It’s worth mentioning that you should consume aebleskivers with a side of both high-quality lingonberry jam and lemon curd. Why? Because it’s freakin’ delicious! And that’s the traditional way. You can’t break tradition, can you?!


You should also use your handy GoPro or iPhone to do time-lapse video of aebleskivers in the making because wow… it’s so cool to watch! 

That’s all, it’s just cool to watch. 🙂


My new obsession is absolutely aebleskiver making.


Just watch this fun video below!


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Upon visiting Portland, Oregon, twice in three months, my boyfriend and I found a great little Scandinavian restaurant for brunch that we dined at several times during our two trips. Since then, I’ve become fascinated with this type of cuisine and their great little Aebleskivers that were a hugely popular item on the menu. 


Thus, I went in search of how these round little fluffy balls came into existence and how I could replicate them at home.

Turns out, all you need is an aebleskiver pan and some time!


Plate with sides of lingonberry jam, lemon curd, or applesauce. You can even make these babies filled with jam or dotted with chocolate chips!

Below is my Valentine’s Day table filled with aebleskivers, smoked salmon and sweet potato hash, greens, Portland based Coava coffee and all the jam and lemon curd you could want. Best. Breakfast. EVER.


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  1. They look very good, but these are definitely not Dutch! I think they are actually Danish. Please don’t confuse Dutch and Danish; it’s like calling someone from Canada an American. There is something that looks similar from The Netherlands called “poffertjes” that you might want to look at…

    1. Hi Erik, absolutely great point! Thank you for the comment! I’ll check into this. I found these from a Scandinavian restaurant while traveling and on their menu they wrote out ‘Aebleskivers (Dutch Pancakes)’ so I assumed that’s exactly what they were. I’ll do a little more research on this!

      Thank you!

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