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Mission Heirloom Tacos - Whatrunslori.com

I am always at war with myself and the struggle with nutrition. For a long time, my passion has been teaching and preaching to others about the benefits of eating real food; actually healing your body with nutrition. But over the years, with work and a busy life getting in the way, being exposed less and less to likeminded people, the passion slowly faded.

Mission Heirloom Dinner - whatrunslori.com

Until last week and being exposed to people that lit that spark once again. It’s funny how just one person and one event can reintroduce passion [for health].

 I guess that makes totally sense. When you’re excited, I get excited, then they get excited, then we’re all excited! Passion and excitement is addictive and what all of us seek, whether consciously or not.
Mission Heirloom Book Signing Event - whatrunslori.com

That one event was Berkeley, California’s Mission Heirloom garden restaurant.

The Ultimate Paleo Cookbook book signing at Mission Heirloom was a hit. So much amazing food was made by the loving people who run Mission Heirloom, each dish made by a recipe in the new cookbook. 

The Ultimate Paleo Cookbook


Bonus points: I can make ALL of the food below any time I want thanks to the book!

Mission Heirloom Tacos

You know the food is good when women are passing the plate of house-made, grass-fed jalapeno butter only to take spoonful after spoonful of the decadent, rich flavors. 

Side note: If you tasted this butter slowly melting atop warm flatbread, you’d be taking spoonfuls, too. OMG, SO good!

Mission Heirloom Paleo Rosemary Flatbread - Whatrunslori.com

Experiencing this purely luxurious event was an incredible treat.

As I stepped one foot over the entrance of this garden restaurant, I was lovingly embraced by the paleo community. Each person I met (including the restaurant staff) was like a good friend that I haven’t seen in years. Conversation flowed easily and abundantly. Although there was no alcohol served (that fun orange drink below is Mission Heirloom‘s delicious Turmeric Tonic!) but everyone seemed drunk with passion for health and nutrition and the extremely vibrant flavors! 

And a special thank you to a wonderful woman who made this whole experience happen for me! Thank you, Kristine!

Mission Heirloom Taco Night Menu at whatrunslori.com

And now, the real reason you’ve read this far…

The menu!

Paleo Parsnip Fries at whatrunslori.com


Rosemary Flatbread with whipped jalapeno butter (p. 507 + 475)

Paleo Italian Venison Carpaccio with shaved parmesan (p. 35)

Shoestring Crispy Parsnip Fries (p. 165)

Mission Heirloom Tacos - Whatrunslori.com


Elk Ragout Taco in a crispy plantain shell, topped with sundried tomato basil sauce, pomegranate fennel salad (p. 50 + 262)

Braised Carnitas Citrus Pork Tacos on a soft sweet potato shell, topped with pineapple coleslaw and mango salsa (p. 136 + 166)

Ahi Tuna Poke Taco with avocado and house-cured bacon in a crispy plantain cone (p. 107)

Mission Heirloom Paleo Tacos! whatrunslori.com


Sweet and (slightly) spicy Chili Sauce with red peppers and jalapenos

Tomatillo Avocado Salsa (to die for!) (p. 230)

Mission Heirloom Dessert at whatrunslori.com


Turkish Delight panna cotta with pomegranates and bee pollen (p. 362)

Raw Chocolate Cheesecake with chocolate drizzle (p. 382)

Lemon Pudding Cake with dried persimmons (p. 325)

Mission Heirloom Dessert at whatrunslori.com

If you’re ever in California, near Berkley, absolutely check out Mission Heirloom. They are one of the rare restaurants, owned by passionate, loving people, who are on a mission to change the health of the world… one amazing dish at a time.


Mission Heirloom Tacos - Whatrunslori.com

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